Hairspray Live!

Ahahaha, live. I didn’t watch this live. I recorded it to watch later. But I really enjoyed Hairspray Live! Out of all the live musicals I’ve watched, this one felt the most, well, Live. The others all had a sort of perfectness that comes from doing multiple takes, but this one had mistakes and all like people blocking shots, a bit of messing up from the actors, a bit of techinical problems. I feel it really adds to the live feel to not have everything rehearsed to perfection.

Also, I know most people don’t like product placement, but I thought it was pretty fun to have it in the commericals. To have it done in the 60’s style with the people being in character and being ridiculously blatant made me watch it. Totally not being sarcastic in this paragraph.

But now on to the actual show. I have seen the Hairspray with John Travolta, but that was a while ago. Aside from the major plot points, I don’t remember much about the play, so this will just be my thoughts on this version, no comparisons.

I had a lot of fun watching Hairspray Live! I thought everyone did a really good job. Tracy Turnblad was great and adorable. I really liked Corny Collins. Mama Turnblad was really good. Everyone really looked the part, too. The hair was high and on style. The outfits were fun. The sets were good, too, and I liked being able to see a behind the scenes transition.

The songs are all pretty good. The dancing is a bit more simple compared to some of the other musicals I’ve seen, though. It’s not as fanstatical. Sure, entire scenes pull away to reveal a whole host of background dancers, but it still feels more grounded in reality. That’s fine for the type of story Hairspray is.

Overall, I really liked this live musical production. I had fun. Still would not watch it live.


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