Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Winter Finale

Agents of SHIELD is still my favorite comic-book-based TV show. It just has fun characters, great fight scenes, interesting villains, and some really emotional scenes. Sure, there are no actual superheroes, but these Agents are a good substitute.

And speaking of no actual superheroes, we have an actual superhero in Agents of SHIELD now! Welcome the Ghost Rider. Not Danny Blaze but Robbie Reyes. Hey, that kinda rhymes. I don’t know much about any of the Ghost Riders other than they got the Spirit of Vengeance in them. Agents of SHIELD did a good job introducing him. And he has great effects whenever he transforms.

The plot of this first part follows Ghost Rider in his quest for vengeance. We slowly find out more about him and how he became that way. The actor, Gabriel Luna, does a great job. He can be really intimidating against enemies, even when not in Ghost Rider form. And he can show a lot of compassion for his kid brother. And he gets several awesome scenes.

During all that, our main agents are trying to adapt to a new SHIELD, one that’s supposed to be a legitimate organization again. The new director has put in a bunch of rules, none of which Coulson follows. That puts Coulson and the new director at odds.

I like the new director. He’s one of those obstructive types, but he also tends to have a point, especially if SHIELD is to be a public organization. I think he’ll end up being a good guy that’s friends with the rest of the group, like Gonzales from Season 2.

Also, I really enjoy the character of AIDA. She’s our newest Android, something totally against SHIELD regulation! And the actress was in Galavant. She plays a TotallyNotRobots type really well. She’s just fun to watch, sometimes in a creepy way.

I’m enjoying this season just like the previous ones. And the next part is shaping up to be a really wild ride, too. Also, Yo-Yo digital series! But it’s so hard to use the ABC go app. Aw man. Yo-Yo is great, though. Like, she might be the only superfast person that is slightly balanced so they don’t need to rely on the person being dumb to be defeated. So they can make her a much better character because of it.


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