Heroes Vs Aliens, CW Crossover

Why not do a review of the CW crossover between Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow? It’s a major event. It’s a full story. It’s pretty awesome to see a comic book universe (or multiverse) on TV. So yeah. Let’s do it. Here are my thoughts on the Heroes vs. Aliens crossover.

First, a bit about my watching history. I have seen all of Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. I only started watching Arrow in the current season (5 I think it is). I watched the last two episodes of the Flash last season and all of this season.

Overall, it was really fun to watch. This kind of superhero crossover is something I didn’t think I would see on TV, but here we are. All of the major characters got their chance to shine and their own little stuff going on. Flash and Arrow had the most importance, I think, but no one was really left out as long as you originated in Earth-1. Sadly, only Supergirl gets to crossover. Maybe next year, Martian Manhunter and Alex, maybe next year.

Not having enough budget hurt the big action scenes, but the more toned down scenes were great. For being a crossover, a lot of really important things still happened that will affect individual shows. At least that’s what it feels like and I hope happens. And the action scenes were still good. And everyone looked to be having fun. Even Oliver at the end there. Man, if they could get a lot of money for these crossovers, just imagine.

Time for some individual episode thoughts. Spoilers ahead.

Supergirl. Only 1% crossover. The title of the show wasn’t Invasion! though so they didn’t consider it a full crossover. Having Barry’s portal appear multiple times before he finally succeeded was fun in how everyone reacts to it. And it actually does affect the plot at one point, even if just a distraction. Supergirl’s adorable as always.

Flash. This is my favorite episode of the crossover. It sets everything up, brings together the team and has a great introduction scene between everyone and Supergirl. Then, then we get the Dominators dominating. Seeing Flash vs Supergirl was the highlight of the episode.

Arrow. I actually really liked this one even though it was more low-key and mostly about Arrow. I know enough of the show’s story to still get really excited for seeing Laurel interact with both Oliver and Sara. And I think not being too far out there works well for Arrow as compared to the more crazy things of Flash and really crazy things of Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow. I had hoped for a giant climactic battle, but alas, not in the budget. That they gave us was fine, though. New legend members Nate and Amaya got some good scenes, Nate especially. And the final fight was still pretty cool, even if it we mostly got to see one rooftop. Really like the Firestorm scene, though I don’t think Jax really interacted with the other characters that much. He should.

And I hope Cisco’s back to being friends with Barry now. I never got a taste of that before Flashpoint messed everything up.

It’s an amazing thing to have a Superhero crossover of this scale. I am hoping for more, bigger and badder crossovers.

You know what I want next time? Some well-defined roles and real teamwork. Oliver can be the tactician. Flash the hope guy. Supergirl the big guy. The Legends can be pretty much a bit of everything. I think it would also be cool if they were fighting just one super-powerful bad guy instead. Yeah, something like that.


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