Disney’s Moana, their latest effort. I mean, it’s Disney. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have down a formula that works wonderfully well. And I know the MCU is also owned by Disney. But Moana has heart, fun, great visuals, and memorable characters all wrapped up.

Oh, and the songs. The songs are fantastic. While none of them are as memorable to me as Let it Go (I know, I know) but all of them are great. I would definitely listen to the movie soundtrack again. The songs all have their own style and tune, also. It helps highlight the differences between the characters that sing them.

I do feel that the movie starts off a bit slow. It’s great to get a sense of Moana’s life and the views of her people, but the adventure portion doesn’t really get started for a bit. I didn’t look at my watch or anything, so I have no idea how long the beginning part actually was, but I think it could be shortened by a smidge.

Once Moana gets out on the ocean, that’s when all of the zaniness starts. You get underwater adventures, pirates, all that good stuff. The visuals are great, especially the ocean shots. And Disney always knows when to dial it back for the serious, emotional parts.

This movie is everything I expected out from the trailers. A sailing adventure facing off against angry monsters while adding in great songs. It doesn’t disappoint at all.

That said, I don’t think I actually have any spoiler thoughts for you. Maybe I could talk about some individual scenes, but I think experiencing them for yourself is fine. There’s nothing really I feel the need to go deeper about.

It’s a great watch of a movie that’s also about growing up and learning how one fits into the world. Not the most original of plots anymore. But the movie is done in that same, Disney masterful wonder. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Oh, wait, spoilers.

Moana’s parents don’t die! Hooray!


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