Maze Runners: Scorch Trial

I dunno. I’ll be honest and say that this has been sitting around for a while before I finally decided to watch it. The first one was alright, though really vague. But I just wasn’t in the mood for more apocalyptic future young adult novels. This movie did nothing to change my mind about that.

So, Maze Runners: Scorch Trials takes place right after the first movie. The children have escaped the maze and have been taken to a compound. But, oh no, the compound guys are evil, too! The plot mostly moves along in a predictable manner.

I will say I thought the ruined cities we got to see look really good. Also, those zombie monsters were really creepy. This is a pretty brutal movie, as follows since so many people already died in the first movie.

Aside from those times, the movie mostly consists of scenes of action and not that much else. I can’t remember one important thing Newt did. At least Minho got an awesome knee in. It’s like everyone not Thomas and the newly introduced characters are just there because they were there at the end of the last movie.

No one really changed or grew. We just finally got more answers compared to before. I think the problem with these films are that they are made intending to be part of a series, that’s why nothing’s resolved within one film and everything is so dragged out. At least we got more answers in this film.

Nice stylings on the post-apocalyptic city, everything else proceeded as expected. No character really stands out, especially with so many of them being plain unimportant to the story in this installment.


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