Ocean’s Eleven, My Favorites

This is the first installment of a new blog series entitled, My Favorites. This is, simply enough, some of my favorite pieces of media from all ranges. Though likely there will not be many art media here or comic books. So this will focus on regular books, movies, TVs and video games.

Remember, these are just my tastes, and my taste skews towards fun and quirky rather than deep explorations of humanity and stuff like that. Ew, biopics.

I just recently rewatched Ocean’s Thirteen so I thought that Ocean’s Eleven would be a good first entry. And this would be the George Clooney-starring remake, not the original one. I also enjoy the entire Ocean’s trilogy, so there will be a bit about each movie. Speaking of which, I am rather excited for the sequel to the Ocean’s trilogy with a female cast.

There will be some spoilers here and there.

Ocean’s Eleven is a heist movie. Of course having more people in the team means less money per individual, but more people is also more fun. And each member of the team is likeable and a decent person. Sure, they’re thieves, but they’re gentlemen about it, most of them anyway.

Ocean’s Eleven, and the movie trilogy as a whole, is just fast and loose fun. You never know when the characters are just putzing around and when they are doing something important. Things just fly by with little to no explanation, and it’s pretty great. You see professionals work in a capacity that they don’t even need to fully communicate.

That gives the films quite some fun rewatch possiblities. On first viewing, I missed a lot of stuff that became important later on. Even on the second viewing I still missed some things. But the movies are fun enough that I enjoyed watching them more than once, each time knowing more than the previous time.

The main fun of Ocean’s Eleven, for me anyway, is seeing so many characters working together. It does feel crowded at times, but a team of eleven works really well. The main characters are Danny, Rusty and Linus. At times, the other characters are there just for fun and to get thing done, but they are each given enough personality to be memorable.

I really like how Terry Benedict stay’s relevant throughout the movie, though he does become less threatening as the movies go on.

The movies never feel too crowded. Everyone does their part will and the smooth-talking goes on at a fast pace. These movies are fun the first time through and even better on rewatching since you’ll now when Ocean and his team are doing something important. The best part is the movie doesn’t point out anything.

I just like how slick the movie is.

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