I’ve wanted to see Snowpiercer for a while since I really like awesome trains. The one in Snowpiercer is among the top, at least until the main character starts his rebellion. In the world of Snowpiercer, an eternal train is running on its tracks keeping the last of humanity safe from from a man-made ice age.

The train is made of several castes depending on what kind of tickets the passengers bought. Of course the lowest class as those that got onto the trains by sneaking onboard. They get treated like crap and thanks to that, they’re planning a revolution.

This movie can be heavy on allegory. I’m not going to dig too much into it. You can decide what it means when you watch it. I’m just here for cool train action, and this movie has that.

It just has a great feel from start to finish. Each part of the train looks fantastic, from the slummy tail end to the high end cars up front. I know they didn’t show every car, but I did want to see some living quarters, otherwise it’s like the people are staying in those work car all the time.

Towards the end, things get a bit philosophical. Before that, it’s just cool action scene followed by some quiet exposition to cool action scene. And it’s really  good. They have some really stylish and inventive scenes. That shootout between train cars was some great stuff.

If I don’t really go into any of the philosophical stuff or allegorical stuff, there’s not that much more to say about the film, really. If you want a awesome, post-apocalyptic train, this movie will give that to you.

Chris Evans as Curtis is pretty good. The monologue towards the end is some great work. I found everyone to be okay. The side characters all had their moments. The bad guys, too, are memorable. They are just so over the top in various ways.

Go into this film for some fun action, and you’ll have it. If you want to read more into read more into the meaning of the train and it all, you can do that, too.


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