Seventh Son

Hmm, this movie. When I first saw the trailers for it, I was not that enthused. Now that I’ve seen it, I am still that way. I don’t think I have a lot to say about this movie, so this post will be a bit shorter.

Seventh Son is about an order of people known as Spooks. They handle the creatures of the dark that plague humanity. But of course nowadays, the order is down to one old master and his apprentice. The old master is a crochety guy while the apprentice is a more idealistic sort. They must fight an evil witch that wants to destroy the land.

I hear this is based on a book series. I have not read it. The movie, though, feels really paint by the numbers. Of course there’s a good witch thrown in there and some monsters that really have nothing to do with the story.

It sounds pretty generic, right? The characters aren’t particularly interesting either. I’m only vested in the story as much as I don’t want to see towns destroyed. But I don’t really care about the heroes beyond that. It’s not that they’re unlikeable. They’re just kinda around.

There are a few bright moments of interaction such as between the main witch and her sister, or some combination of Master Gregory, Tom and Tusk, but they’re not frequent enough to really make them enjoyable.

I don’t know. As far as fantasy movies go, the Seventh Son is not magical enough in terms of its characters. Oh well.


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