Limitless, the Movie

A while back ago, I put up my thoughts on the season finale of Limitless, the television show. You can find that here. At the time I wrote that, I had not seen the movie of Limitless, but now I have.

I must say, the movie was not what I expected. I mean, I knew it wasn’t going to be like the show, but it was still kind of weird to me. Seeing Eddie Morra start out, though, was fun. And It really does make the TV series seem like a sequel to the movie.

There will be spoilers for the movie. Not so much for the TV show.

The movie is just weird in that all of Eddie’s problems come from Eddie being arrogant on NZT. And I still don’t really know anything about NZT, such as who made it or why. I suppose that makes sense if I think about it. If that kind of information was revealed in the movie, they really wouldn’t have made it so mysterious in the TV show. But NZT is almost just a plot device. No one cares about it beyond just getting more. Like, who’s the original maker?

Somehow, I sort of felt the movie went by too fast, and I’m not really sure why. I sort of wanted to see more of Eddie Morra when he wasn’t on NZT, but we do get a good look at this life. I also wanted to see some more NZT fun before everything went bad when he was on it, but we also got that. This is probably just me.

The movie also had a lot less action than I thought it would have, but still just as many slick-talking moments.

The movie also just kind of ends. Yay, Eddie solved his immediate problem of owing money to gangsters and that one guy trying to steal his NZT. Movie ends. It’s really more of a look into the life of a guy that gets a pill to make him super smart rather than trying to tell any kind of story. I think that’s what threw me off most about the movie.

Oh, what I did like is that in the end, Eddie gets everything he wants thanks to the pill. Yes, new technologies come out and yes, after an initial adjustment period, they make everything fantastic. No message about how you shouldn’t use things to your advantage because reasons. That makes me glad.

Robert DeNiro’s character’s last interaction with Eddie Morra was also kind of odd. It was probably just to show that Eddie was still super smart.

Hmm, I have to say that I liked the show more, but I do appreciate seeing the start of Eddie Morra. The movie did nothing to further my understanding of why anything was happening, though.

Now I really wished the show would continue, maybe find the original maker of NZT.


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