The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger, the most recent one by Disney, I saw it playing on TV one day and decided to watch it! It was, alright, I guess. It has some good parts and some bad parts. The tone of the movie never really settles down right for me, and it definitely feels too long.

I have never seen any other Long Ranger stuff, so this is my first exposure to him. What I wanted: A gunslinging badass. What I got: A guy that somehow bumbles his way through everything is doesn’t want to shoot anyone at all. Geeze, The Lone Ranger seems to make events in the movie much worse by just not being good as Lone Rangering. To be fair, he was not a ranger nor even trained as one, apparently. It’s just still pretty frustrating to watch.

The movie also has a problem with tone. At times, it’s like Pirates of the Carribean level of goofy. At other times, it’s really serious and dark. I mean, the bad guy cuts out and eats a man’s heart! Then at other times, Tonto’s using some ridiculous contraption to get from one train to another train. Come on, Disney.

Some of the weirdness could be because the story is being told by Tonto, and thus he’s injecting random events in, but it still feels weird.

I think the movie also goes on for too long. It’s weird because I can describe all events that happen in there, it still somehow drags on. If this movie was shorter with most of the scenes tightened up, I think I would enjoy it more.

I liked the ridiculous action sequences. They’re like the western version of Pirates of the Carribean, and I liked those scenes. It just takes kind of a long time to get to the interesting parts.

There are several individual scenes in the movie that work really well. Butch Cavendish is a pretty scary villain, especially for a Disney movie. Tonto’s backstory is also done well. And I really liked Silver in the movie. He’s probably one of the goofier elements in there, but I think Silver works better than some of the other stuff that happens.

The Lone Ranger plays the part well as a guy thrown into wild gunfights against dangerous criminals. Too bad the movie where he starts out competent will not happen, or is unlikely to happen, after the performance of this one. I think that would have been great to see.


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