I’ve wanted to see Snowpiercer for a while since I really like awesome trains. The one in Snowpiercer is among the top, at least until the main character starts his rebellion. In the world of Snowpiercer, an eternal train is running on its tracks keeping the last of humanity safe from from a man-made ice age.

The train is made of several castes depending on what kind of tickets the passengers bought. Of course the lowest class as those that got onto the trains by sneaking onboard. They get treated like crap and thanks to that, they’re planning a revolution.

This movie can be heavy on allegory. I’m not going to dig too much into it. You can decide what it means when you watch it. I’m just here for cool train action, and this movie has that.

It just has a great feel from start to finish. Each part of the train looks fantastic, from the slummy tail end to the high end cars up front. I know they didn’t show every car, but I did want to see some living quarters, otherwise it’s like the people are staying in those work car all the time.

Towards the end, things get a bit philosophical. Before that, it’s just cool action scene followed by some quiet exposition to cool action scene. And it’s really  good. They have some really stylish and inventive scenes. That shootout between train cars was some great stuff.

If I don’t really go into any of the philosophical stuff or allegorical stuff, there’s not that much more to say about the film, really. If you want a awesome, post-apocalyptic train, this movie will give that to you.

Chris Evans as Curtis is pretty good. The monologue towards the end is some great work. I found everyone to be okay. The side characters all had their moments. The bad guys, too, are memorable. They are just so over the top in various ways.

Go into this film for some fun action, and you’ll have it. If you want to read more into read more into the meaning of the train and it all, you can do that, too.


Seventh Son

Hmm, this movie. When I first saw the trailers for it, I was not that enthused. Now that I’ve seen it, I am still that way. I don’t think I have a lot to say about this movie, so this post will be a bit shorter.

Seventh Son is about an order of people known as Spooks. They handle the creatures of the dark that plague humanity. But of course nowadays, the order is down to one old master and his apprentice. The old master is a crochety guy while the apprentice is a more idealistic sort. They must fight an evil witch that wants to destroy the land.

I hear this is based on a book series. I have not read it. The movie, though, feels really paint by the numbers. Of course there’s a good witch thrown in there and some monsters that really have nothing to do with the story.

It sounds pretty generic, right? The characters aren’t particularly interesting either. I’m only vested in the story as much as I don’t want to see towns destroyed. But I don’t really care about the heroes beyond that. It’s not that they’re unlikeable. They’re just kinda around.

There are a few bright moments of interaction such as between the main witch and her sister, or some combination of Master Gregory, Tom and Tusk, but they’re not frequent enough to really make them enjoyable.

I don’t know. As far as fantasy movies go, the Seventh Son is not magical enough in terms of its characters. Oh well.

Limitless, the Movie

A while back ago, I put up my thoughts on the season finale of Limitless, the television show. You can find that here. At the time I wrote that, I had not seen the movie of Limitless, but now I have.

I must say, the movie was not what I expected. I mean, I knew it wasn’t going to be like the show, but it was still kind of weird to me. Seeing Eddie Morra start out, though, was fun. And It really does make the TV series seem like a sequel to the movie.

There will be spoilers for the movie. Not so much for the TV show.

The movie is just weird in that all of Eddie’s problems come from Eddie being arrogant on NZT. And I still don’t really know anything about NZT, such as who made it or why. I suppose that makes sense if I think about it. If that kind of information was revealed in the movie, they really wouldn’t have made it so mysterious in the TV show. But NZT is almost just a plot device. No one cares about it beyond just getting more. Like, who’s the original maker?

Somehow, I sort of felt the movie went by too fast, and I’m not really sure why. I sort of wanted to see more of Eddie Morra when he wasn’t on NZT, but we do get a good look at this life. I also wanted to see some more NZT fun before everything went bad when he was on it, but we also got that. This is probably just me.

The movie also had a lot less action than I thought it would have, but still just as many slick-talking moments.

The movie also just kind of ends. Yay, Eddie solved his immediate problem of owing money to gangsters and that one guy trying to steal his NZT. Movie ends. It’s really more of a look into the life of a guy that gets a pill to make him super smart rather than trying to tell any kind of story. I think that’s what threw me off most about the movie.

Oh, what I did like is that in the end, Eddie gets everything he wants thanks to the pill. Yes, new technologies come out and yes, after an initial adjustment period, they make everything fantastic. No message about how you shouldn’t use things to your advantage because reasons. That makes me glad.

Robert DeNiro’s character’s last interaction with Eddie Morra was also kind of odd. It was probably just to show that Eddie was still super smart.

Hmm, I have to say that I liked the show more, but I do appreciate seeing the start of Eddie Morra. The movie did nothing to further my understanding of why anything was happening, though.

Now I really wished the show would continue, maybe find the original maker of NZT.

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger, the most recent one by Disney, I saw it playing on TV one day and decided to watch it! It was, alright, I guess. It has some good parts and some bad parts. The tone of the movie never really settles down right for me, and it definitely feels too long.

I have never seen any other Long Ranger stuff, so this is my first exposure to him. What I wanted: A gunslinging badass. What I got: A guy that somehow bumbles his way through everything is doesn’t want to shoot anyone at all. Geeze, The Lone Ranger seems to make events in the movie much worse by just not being good as Lone Rangering. To be fair, he was not a ranger nor even trained as one, apparently. It’s just still pretty frustrating to watch.

The movie also has a problem with tone. At times, it’s like Pirates of the Carribean level of goofy. At other times, it’s really serious and dark. I mean, the bad guy cuts out and eats a man’s heart! Then at other times, Tonto’s using some ridiculous contraption to get from one train to another train. Come on, Disney.

Some of the weirdness could be because the story is being told by Tonto, and thus he’s injecting random events in, but it still feels weird.

I think the movie also goes on for too long. It’s weird because I can describe all events that happen in there, it still somehow drags on. If this movie was shorter with most of the scenes tightened up, I think I would enjoy it more.

I liked the ridiculous action sequences. They’re like the western version of Pirates of the Carribean, and I liked those scenes. It just takes kind of a long time to get to the interesting parts.

There are several individual scenes in the movie that work really well. Butch Cavendish is a pretty scary villain, especially for a Disney movie. Tonto’s backstory is also done well. And I really liked Silver in the movie. He’s probably one of the goofier elements in there, but I think Silver works better than some of the other stuff that happens.

The Lone Ranger plays the part well as a guy thrown into wild gunfights against dangerous criminals. Too bad the movie where he starts out competent will not happen, or is unlikely to happen, after the performance of this one. I think that would have been great to see.