The Boxtrolls

Another older movie that I just recently watched. This time, it’s the Boxtrolls, another stop animation film by the people that brought Coraline and Paranorman (both of which I also saw). That studio really likes their stop animation. It show’s that they are great at the style, and they bring their unique touch to the look and feel of the world.

Boxtrolls are harmless. You can immediately tell that the bad guy is the one trying to catch and exterminate them. Archibald Snatcher just looks greasy and overall nasty. He convinces the town that boxtrolls are dangerous so he can catch them all and obtain a White Hat, to be part of the elite ruling council of the town.

The main character is Eggs, a boy that was raised by boxtrolls and wears a box that used to contain eggs, hence his name. Just where did the kid learn English? No matter how speach impeded he is, boxtroll does not sound like English. It’s not even Minionese, where you can hear real words in there. But the movie couldn’t work if he can’t communicate, so off he goes to try and save his boxtroll friends.

The tone of the movie is kind of weird. The boxtrolls are cute, but Archibald is super-greasy and vile. It’s like part kids movie, part teen movie. The look of the film is dark, a bit dreary while still having pops of color. The animations is great and the characters all really stand out, much like their other films. Some characters are super-exageerated, others are not, but they still fit together.

Winnifred is a really amusing character. She’s probably my favorite character of the film. As for Eggs, he’s alright. I’m glad they don’t play too much of a fish-out-of-water type story with him. He’s a smart guy. he can figure out stuff by watching people. The boxtrolls are entertaining and sweet. The two main ones get some characterization. The rest is mostly there, though. I would have liked to see them more individually.

It’s somewhat light-hearted story that’s still mostly serious. There aren’t that many jokes, but there are several amusing scenes. It’s one of those movies I would see for the experience of it, but not for a fun night out. But for kids.

Overall, I liked the movie, but I wouldn’t call it a happy-fun time film. Some spoilers thoughts below.

I really enjoyed the henchmen of the main badguy. They were actually a bit deep and philosophical. I’m a sucker for meta, fourth-wall breaking stuff. Alright, that’s it for spoilers.


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