Dark Matters, Season 2

The second season for Dark Matter is over! And it has been one fun ride with all sorts of crazy new things. It’s sad that the crew is no longer all together, but this show does mix things up.

This season brings about new crewmates Nyx and Devon. They were both prisoners in the maximum security prison that the crew was taken to at the end of last season after being arrested. Nyx is a mysterious individual that can somehow keep up fighting with both Four and Two. Devon is a doctor with a drug problem.

Unfortunately, we lost One. Yes, it might seem like a spoiler, but it happens pretty early on. One get shot and killed. But who knows? We might see him again. Wink. Wink. I really enjoyed One in the previous season, though the dynamics of the crew actually doesn’t seem that bad without him. Now that most of the members aren’t unrepentent assholes, One’s influence isn’t as necessary. And they still have Five if they need a morality boost.

The interaction between the characters is still a high point. Six gets some great moments with each of the original crew. Three becomes even more likeable. Four has an interesting course of development that I’ll mention a bit later. Two really grows into a full leadership role with people she can trust and rely on. Five just seems to be getting more awesome by the episode. And the android is just fantastic.

This season sets up a lot of stuff but also leaves a lot of stuff hanging. It’s like there is a main plot, but there’s a whole bunch of other stuff off to the side that will probably be revisited. There’s not a lot of wasted episodes in this season, even if their immediate purpose isn’t apparent. And a lot of stuff will probably still be around in season 3.

Okay, time for some more spoiler thoughts.

It does make each season feel less important, more like it’s just a break rather than an end of a segment of the story. And that season finale, ugh, what a cliffhanger. It’s one of those everyone is in danger types. I just hope it takes a bit of effort to fix in season 3.

The Android is still my favorite character. I just like her eye movements and her short but enthusiastic response to things. I’m glad she doesn’t keep the upgrade all the time. Her being too human sort of ruins the fun of her character.

Devon, well, I wonder if they’ll ever revisit him? The crew never finds out about what happened to him. And I don’t know what he did that was bad enough to land in a maximum security prison.

Five actually seems to be getting too good at things. If it’s not fighting, she pretty much hasn’t been stopped this season. I think they should tone her down a bit.

Four, whoa. I don’t even know what to think. The show isn’t afraid to shake up the core crew, so it’s really possible that Four is gone forever and it’s all Ryo now. That would be pretty cool, especially of Nyx stays on the crew, which I hope she does.

I’m really looking forward to the next season. Dark Matters is still a fun, flying adventure with a strong focus on the crew of the ship.


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