A comedy movie about a backend support agent turned field agent, played by Melissa McCarthy. Susan Cooper is a nice woman who is good at being mission control. She always works with the charming Bradley Fine until one mission goes back and Fine dies. Okay, this is technically a spoiler, but it happens in the first ten minutes of the movie. As Fine dies, the CIA also learns that all of their top agents’ identities have been compromised, but they still need field agent. So up steps Susan Cooper, total field experience: 0.

This movie what would happen when the main character of a serious spy movie is an out of shape woman just trying her best. I like that Susan isn’t portrayed as incompetent, not in the least. In fact, she’s really competent. The only person that dismisses her is Rick Ford. He’s shown to be a blowhard who’s not that good himself. In any serious spy movie, Rick Ford would be the rogue agent trying to get things done. Here, he’s just getting in the way.

Jason Statham as Rick Ford is just hilarious. He is completely serious while being ever more over the top. Other characterrs include the target of investigations, Rayna. She has some great and hilarious scenes together with Susan. There’s also Susan’s friend, Nancy. Nancy’s kinda like a less field-agent version of Susan.

The movie’s humor doesn’t rely a lot on Melissa McCarthy’s physique. There are a few instances, but not much. The humor does rely on a lot of crude language, almost to ridiculous levels that what’s meant to be threatening wraps around into hilarious.

Underneath all the comedy, there is a serious spy film going on in there. The action scenes are brutal, and aside from Rick, everyone is mostly competent. There’s never the standard scene where the main character scews up so badly that everyone disowns her, then she needs to win them back by succeeding.

This movie just blends the comedy so well together with a real spy movie that has bad consequences for failure. The comedy is never cringe. It’s badass. This is a badass comedy movie.

Susan will never be a super slick spy that handles every situation cooly and calmly. She panics, she needs to take a breather, but she will get the job done thanks to good training and smarts.


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