Rizzoli and Isles, Series Finale

Aw, it’s finally over, my favorite female detective and medical examiner pair. I didn’t watch the earliest seasons of Rizzoli and Isles, but I have been watching for a few years. You know I like those procedurals. Rizzoli and Isles blends the case of the week with some fun interactions between the characters and a bit of family drama. The show rarely gets too bogged down with unnecesary drama, probably thanks to Rizzoli’s way of dealing with things.

The cases are fine. This show is more like once they know who the bad guy is, they arrest them. There’s no interviewing the perpetrator before and not knowing if they did it or not. That means most of the focus is just on the main characters having fun and handling cases.

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles have some great interactions with each other. It’s fun from how different they are and how well they get along. Some of my favorite moments come from before the case and after the case when everyone is just hanging out.

The other characters are fun, too. When I first saw the show, I was surprised to see Jane’s mother. I thought maybe it was just for the episode, but nope, she’s a regular. It’s not often that a parent of the main character is featured so prominently, and that really does give a different set of feelings.

Detective Corsach is a fun character. I actually really like Kent. Frankie Rizzoli, Jane’s brother, is cool to see how he grows through the series.

While this show never tries to do too much or be too out there, it handles all of its characters well.

As for the final episode, I think it’s kind of nice they went with a lighter case. That allows for more time  to say goodbye to the characters instead of everyone frantically rushing around doing stuff. It was a fine sendoff.


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