Killjoys, Season 2 Finale

The sci-fi show about bounty hunters is back! Though in the second season they do a lot less bounty hunting because they are worried about some bigger, mysterious picture. I noted that in season one, the setting of the show was a bit hard to follow. I think quite a few people must have said that, because they’re now including a map of Quad in the opening credits. That, and after one season, I am much more well-versed in the locations of the show.

I did want to do a recap of the locations, until after I thought about it and realized I’m forgetting something. So I won’t.

I enjoyed the first season of the show. The second season is even better than that! Now the show really delves into the mythology of the world as well as the Level 6 Rac Agents. What I am surprised with is how many people I thought died in the first season is actually still alive. Not that I mind. The rotating cast of secondary characters is pretty great.

Building on the more weird elements really does wonders for the show, I think. It now has a strong story to tie together the entire season. Though I do miss those random missions at times, the team has more important stuff to worry about now.

Like I said before, I really enjoy the rotating cast of secondary characters. Pree is possibly my favorite of the lot, but the others are all good. Thanks to the show being grounded around the Quad instead of hopping around the galaxy, it allows a cast of characters and the setting to really develop.

Overall, I think the politics of the show is much easier to follow this season around, and it makes the world much more enjoyable. Season 2 is definitely stronger than season one in pretty much every way.

Dutch, Davin and Johnny are still quip machines at times and really shows the pain of the character’s at other times. Sometimes it’s at the same time. And now, as of the season finale, we finally get to the real conflict going on in the Quad. It’s wild, I’ll say that.

Killjoys is offically renewed for season 3! Fantastic. I don’t know how the show will be like moving on. They might keep the bounty hunting aspect, but with how things shaped up, they might drop that entirely. Who knows? But I can’t wait to find out.


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