Rush Hour, the TV Series

The TV networks sure are taking all the movies they can and turning them into TV series. This is Rush Hour, the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker kung-fu fun fest from back in the day. Or not so back in the day depending on how long ago you count back in the day as being.

I enjoyed the first episode, though it really was just a condensed version of the first movie. The rest of it, though, was just not really memorable. The cases were all standard. The side characters were alright, but just there. Carter and Lee’s dynamic is alright, actually and is the highlight of the show. And yes, the show’s humor style still takes from back in the day, which I am fine with. I really like Gerald, too.

Once the police work starts, though, that just get’s blah. Carter hardly shoots anyone useful until the end, and that’s only when the other guy is standing there threatening someone else. Lee’s fights are way too choppy to make sense of. If the actions scenes were done better, than this show could have been good. Unfortunately, not everyone is Jackie Chan, so basing a show on Rush Hour really suffers as a result.

And the overall plot of the sseason doesn’t really get going. I think it’s in, 3 or 4 episodes? Out of 13? And the episodes are spread too far out to gain any traction in the story.

I’ve read the show has already been canceled. I don’t know the source, but it’s not too surprising. The tone of the character interaction is fun for me. The catching of the bad guys part, though? The lack of time or budget to rehearse the fighting shows. It’s just poor.



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