The Boxtrolls

Another older movie that I just recently watched. This time, it’s the Boxtrolls, another stop animation film by the people that brought Coraline and Paranorman (both of which I also saw). That studio really likes their stop animation. It show’s that they are great at the style, and they bring their unique touch to the look and feel of the world.

Boxtrolls are harmless. You can immediately tell that the bad guy is the one trying to catch and exterminate them. Archibald Snatcher just looks greasy and overall nasty. He convinces the town that boxtrolls are dangerous so he can catch them all and obtain a White Hat, to be part of the elite ruling council of the town.

The main character is Eggs, a boy that was raised by boxtrolls and wears a box that used to contain eggs, hence his name. Just where did the kid learn English? No matter how speach impeded he is, boxtroll does not sound like English. It’s not even Minionese, where you can hear real words in there. But the movie couldn’t work if he can’t communicate, so off he goes to try and save his boxtroll friends.

The tone of the movie is kind of weird. The boxtrolls are cute, but Archibald is super-greasy and vile. It’s like part kids movie, part teen movie. The look of the film is dark, a bit dreary while still having pops of color. The animations is great and the characters all really stand out, much like their other films. Some characters are super-exageerated, others are not, but they still fit together.

Winnifred is a really amusing character. She’s probably my favorite character of the film. As for Eggs, he’s alright. I’m glad they don’t play too much of a fish-out-of-water type story with him. He’s a smart guy. he can figure out stuff by watching people. The boxtrolls are entertaining and sweet. The two main ones get some characterization. The rest is mostly there, though. I would have liked to see them more individually.

It’s somewhat light-hearted story that’s still mostly serious. There aren’t that many jokes, but there are several amusing scenes. It’s one of those movies I would see for the experience of it, but not for a fun night out. But for kids.

Overall, I liked the movie, but I wouldn’t call it a happy-fun time film. Some spoilers thoughts below.

I really enjoyed the henchmen of the main badguy. They were actually a bit deep and philosophical. I’m a sucker for meta, fourth-wall breaking stuff. Alright, that’s it for spoilers.

Angie Tribeca

How have I not seen this show until the end of the second season? Now I need to go back and catch up on all of it. All of it! I really enjoy this style of show. It’s like those old parody movies, Naked Gun and Airplane. Everyone is serious and weird gags just fly around them. The characters still react to everything seriously, though.

Angie Tribeca just really nails that feeling. I still haven’t seen too many episodes, so this will be a shorter post. What I have seen, though, was funny and awesome. So many puns gags and things just happening.

Angie Tribeca is a cop show. Each episode, Angie and her partner tackle some new crime along with the help of the police captain, Deon Cole and Deon Cole’s partner. Alright, I admit to not knowing everyone’s name, yet. But Deon Cole is in this! I enjoyed his skits on Conan a lot.

It’s cool how the characters can, simultaneously, do anything that’s needed for a joke to work while still being consistent in their characterization.

This show is just good old-fashioned parody comedy. It does anything for a laugh, then it stretches it out until it is absurd. What is it? Anything. For a laugh. Then it stretches it out until it is absurd. But what is it?

Ahem. Anyway, I’m going to go back and catch up on the first 2 seasons. See you later.

Dark Matters, Season 2

The second season for Dark Matter is over! And it has been one fun ride with all sorts of crazy new things. It’s sad that the crew is no longer all together, but this show does mix things up.

This season brings about new crewmates Nyx and Devon. They were both prisoners in the maximum security prison that the crew was taken to at the end of last season after being arrested. Nyx is a mysterious individual that can somehow keep up fighting with both Four and Two. Devon is a doctor with a drug problem.

Unfortunately, we lost One. Yes, it might seem like a spoiler, but it happens pretty early on. One get shot and killed. But who knows? We might see him again. Wink. Wink. I really enjoyed One in the previous season, though the dynamics of the crew actually doesn’t seem that bad without him. Now that most of the members aren’t unrepentent assholes, One’s influence isn’t as necessary. And they still have Five if they need a morality boost.

The interaction between the characters is still a high point. Six gets some great moments with each of the original crew. Three becomes even more likeable. Four has an interesting course of development that I’ll mention a bit later. Two really grows into a full leadership role with people she can trust and rely on. Five just seems to be getting more awesome by the episode. And the android is just fantastic.

This season sets up a lot of stuff but also leaves a lot of stuff hanging. It’s like there is a main plot, but there’s a whole bunch of other stuff off to the side that will probably be revisited. There’s not a lot of wasted episodes in this season, even if their immediate purpose isn’t apparent. And a lot of stuff will probably still be around in season 3.

Okay, time for some more spoiler thoughts.

It does make each season feel less important, more like it’s just a break rather than an end of a segment of the story. And that season finale, ugh, what a cliffhanger. It’s one of those everyone is in danger types. I just hope it takes a bit of effort to fix in season 3.

The Android is still my favorite character. I just like her eye movements and her short but enthusiastic response to things. I’m glad she doesn’t keep the upgrade all the time. Her being too human sort of ruins the fun of her character.

Devon, well, I wonder if they’ll ever revisit him? The crew never finds out about what happened to him. And I don’t know what he did that was bad enough to land in a maximum security prison.

Five actually seems to be getting too good at things. If it’s not fighting, she pretty much hasn’t been stopped this season. I think they should tone her down a bit.

Four, whoa. I don’t even know what to think. The show isn’t afraid to shake up the core crew, so it’s really possible that Four is gone forever and it’s all Ryo now. That would be pretty cool, especially of Nyx stays on the crew, which I hope she does.

I’m really looking forward to the next season. Dark Matters is still a fun, flying adventure with a strong focus on the crew of the ship.


A comedy movie about a backend support agent turned field agent, played by Melissa McCarthy. Susan Cooper is a nice woman who is good at being mission control. She always works with the charming Bradley Fine until one mission goes back and Fine dies. Okay, this is technically a spoiler, but it happens in the first ten minutes of the movie. As Fine dies, the CIA also learns that all of their top agents’ identities have been compromised, but they still need field agent. So up steps Susan Cooper, total field experience: 0.

This movie what would happen when the main character of a serious spy movie is an out of shape woman just trying her best. I like that Susan isn’t portrayed as incompetent, not in the least. In fact, she’s really competent. The only person that dismisses her is Rick Ford. He’s shown to be a blowhard who’s not that good himself. In any serious spy movie, Rick Ford would be the rogue agent trying to get things done. Here, he’s just getting in the way.

Jason Statham as Rick Ford is just hilarious. He is completely serious while being ever more over the top. Other characterrs include the target of investigations, Rayna. She has some great and hilarious scenes together with Susan. There’s also Susan’s friend, Nancy. Nancy’s kinda like a less field-agent version of Susan.

The movie’s humor doesn’t rely a lot on Melissa McCarthy’s physique. There are a few instances, but not much. The humor does rely on a lot of crude language, almost to ridiculous levels that what’s meant to be threatening wraps around into hilarious.

Underneath all the comedy, there is a serious spy film going on in there. The action scenes are brutal, and aside from Rick, everyone is mostly competent. There’s never the standard scene where the main character scews up so badly that everyone disowns her, then she needs to win them back by succeeding.

This movie just blends the comedy so well together with a real spy movie that has bad consequences for failure. The comedy is never cringe. It’s badass. This is a badass comedy movie.

Susan will never be a super slick spy that handles every situation cooly and calmly. She panics, she needs to take a breather, but she will get the job done thanks to good training and smarts.

Rizzoli and Isles, Series Finale

Aw, it’s finally over, my favorite female detective and medical examiner pair. I didn’t watch the earliest seasons of Rizzoli and Isles, but I have been watching for a few years. You know I like those procedurals. Rizzoli and Isles blends the case of the week with some fun interactions between the characters and a bit of family drama. The show rarely gets too bogged down with unnecesary drama, probably thanks to Rizzoli’s way of dealing with things.

The cases are fine. This show is more like once they know who the bad guy is, they arrest them. There’s no interviewing the perpetrator before and not knowing if they did it or not. That means most of the focus is just on the main characters having fun and handling cases.

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles have some great interactions with each other. It’s fun from how different they are and how well they get along. Some of my favorite moments come from before the case and after the case when everyone is just hanging out.

The other characters are fun, too. When I first saw the show, I was surprised to see Jane’s mother. I thought maybe it was just for the episode, but nope, she’s a regular. It’s not often that a parent of the main character is featured so prominently, and that really does give a different set of feelings.

Detective Corsach is a fun character. I actually really like Kent. Frankie Rizzoli, Jane’s brother, is cool to see how he grows through the series.

While this show never tries to do too much or be too out there, it handles all of its characters well.

As for the final episode, I think it’s kind of nice they went with a lighter case. That allows for more time ┬áto say goodbye to the characters instead of everyone frantically rushing around doing stuff. It was a fine sendoff.

Killjoys, Season 2 Finale

The sci-fi show about bounty hunters is back! Though in the second season they do a lot less bounty hunting because they are worried about some bigger, mysterious picture. I noted that in season one, the setting of the show was a bit hard to follow. I think quite a few people must have said that, because they’re now including a map of Quad in the opening credits. That, and after one season, I am much more well-versed in the locations of the show.

I did want to do a recap of the locations, until after I thought about it and realized I’m forgetting something. So I won’t.

I enjoyed the first season of the show. The second season is even better than that! Now the show really delves into the mythology of the world as well as the Level 6 Rac Agents. What I am surprised with is how many people I thought died in the first season is actually still alive. Not that I mind. The rotating cast of secondary characters is pretty great.

Building on the more weird elements really does wonders for the show, I think. It now has a strong story to tie together the entire season. Though I do miss those random missions at times, the team has more important stuff to worry about now.

Like I said before, I really enjoy the rotating cast of secondary characters. Pree is possibly my favorite of the lot, but the others are all good. Thanks to the show being grounded around the Quad instead of hopping around the galaxy, it allows a cast of characters and the setting to really develop.

Overall, I think the politics of the show is much easier to follow this season around, and it makes the world much more enjoyable. Season 2 is definitely stronger than season one in pretty much every way.

Dutch, Davin and Johnny are still quip machines at times and really shows the pain of the character’s at other times. Sometimes it’s at the same time. And now, as of the season finale, we finally get to the real conflict going on in the Quad. It’s wild, I’ll say that.

Killjoys is offically renewed for season 3! Fantastic. I don’t know how the show will be like moving on. They might keep the bounty hunting aspect, but with how things shaped up, they might drop that entirely. Who knows? But I can’t wait to find out.

Rush Hour, the TV Series

The TV networks sure are taking all the movies they can and turning them into TV series. This is Rush Hour, the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker kung-fu fun fest from back in the day. Or not so back in the day depending on how long ago you count back in the day as being.

I enjoyed the first episode, though it really was just a condensed version of the first movie. The rest of it, though, was just not really memorable. The cases were all standard. The side characters were alright, but just there. Carter and Lee’s dynamic is alright, actually and is the highlight of the show. And yes, the show’s humor style still takes from back in the day, which I am fine with. I really like Gerald, too.

Once the police work starts, though, that just get’s blah. Carter hardly shoots anyone useful until the end, and that’s only when the other guy is standing there threatening someone else. Lee’s fights are way too choppy to make sense of. If the actions scenes were done better, than this show could have been good. Unfortunately, not everyone is Jackie Chan, so basing a show on Rush Hour really suffers as a result.

And the overall plot of the sseason doesn’t really get going. I think it’s in, 3 or 4 episodes? Out of 13? And the episodes are spread too far out to gain any traction in the story.

I’ve read the show has already been canceled. I don’t know the source, but it’s not too surprising. The tone of the character interaction is fun for me. The catching of the bad guys part, though? The lack of time or budget to rehearse the fighting shows. It’s just poor.