Pan, the story before he became Peter Pan in Neverland. He’s even friends with James Hook! Best friends, even. Sorry, other boy that I forgot the name of. Nivy? Something like that.

This movie focuses a lot on visuals, even to the point where some things just don’t feel like Neverland. What’s with the floating spheres of water with fish and alligators swimming in them? They look rad, but it’s just there to try and add to the magic of the place. Then there’s Blackbeard’s mining operation. It also looks amazing.

The movie looks pretty good with wild and varied scenes. The plot is just kinda there. Blackbeard wants fairy powder to stay young, so he wants to find the hidden Fairy Kingdom. Peter has an arc about believing in himself and flying. Then there are some scenes with the tribal people that look like it comes straight outta Hook.

The movie mainly presents a fantastical island with a simple story throughout. Hook is a lovable Han Solo type of character. Tigerlily is the serious tribal girl that’s always focused. And Peter is the uncertain hero of the story.

It really comes off as kind of a generic fantasy story about taking down the big bad plundering pirate. Still, I like Blackbeard. He was just hamming it up all movie long. Straight from the introduction, the man was a huge presence.

And the twist of the movie is that Hook and Peter remain friends! No clash of ideas, no whatever it was to turn them into enemies.

Hmm, I don’t have a lot more to say about the movie, actually. I enjoyed watching it. The visuals excited me, but the story prospects didn’t.


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