Star Trek: Beyond

I’ve probably mentioned this in my previous reviews of Star Trek, but I only watched about 2 or 3 episodes of the show Star Trek, and those were split between Kirk and Picard. I’m really enjoying these new movies as a new viewer, though. It’s just cool going out into the final frontier to explore and find new things for the sake of doing so. I understand that happens more in the shows since the movies need their epic set pieces and main villains, but it’s still just a fun thin to think about.

Now, on to actually talking about Beyond. Kirk really does go Beyond, beyond the known parts of what the Federation has mapped out. He goes on a rescue mission into the nebula, and of course things fall apart immediately. And by things, I mean a big thing.

Kirk is getting more heroic and less abrasive by the movie. I like it. He’s a proper captain now and everyone on board will absolutely follow him anywhere. The other characters are great to see. Spock and Bones together is great. Scotty has a new character to play off of. Uhura and Sulu work together. And Kirk gets to hang around with Chekov. These smaller groups really allow for some fun back-and-forths between the crew.

Still, the movie is a bit predictable. From the moment I saw Yorktown, the space station, I knew what was happening to it at the climax of the movie. Yeah, it’s kind of a spoiler, but you’ll probably have the same thought too the moment you see it, especially if you’ve seen the previous movies. Still, Yorktown is a wonder to behold and a pretty awesome final set piece.

I really enjoyed the new character of Jaylah. She doesn’t overshadow the story while still having some nice moments and development. And she’s pretty darn skilled at a lot of stuff, too. She fits into the crew really well. I hope she doesn’t just disappear like the science officer from Into Darkness.

The main badguy of Beyond is a strange alien with some vicious technology. His name is Krall, and he pretty much hates the Federation’s way of doing things. He talks philosophically a lot, but there never is a real debate about it. It’s mostly just a few short lines between him and the crew.

He’s pretty menacing, but you only find out more about him toward the end of the movie. It surprised me, but it also reminded me a bit of the previous movies. That’s all I’ll say about him.

I’m really enjoying the Star Trek movies. This one is great for actually going to new places and trying to explore. The crew interactions are also great. The background crew still doesn’t do much, but they do feel cohesive and like people that deeply care for each other.

Star Trek Beyond is pretty great.


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