Suicide Squad

The movie event of the summer is here! Time for the review of 2 Lava 2 Lantula!

Nah, just kiding. That movie was entertaining, yo.

But actually, this is about Suicide Squad, the latest installement (as of writing this) in the DC cinematic universe. It follows after Batman V Superman, though you don’t have to know a lot about the movie. In fact, trying to tie it into Superman kind of hurt the movie. I mean, they built the squad so they would have their own meta-humans in case an evil alien or super being appeared. Only the squad involves at least three people that would offer no challenge to anyone of Superman’s level.

The movie itself is fun at times but also wierdly-paced at others. The beginning starts up too slow for my liking. It goes into a several minute long intro into both Deadshot and Harley Quinn. I think the length it gives Captain Boomerang in the introduction would be much better.

Again, I think the problem is that DC wants to jump past the introductory phase of the movies, that’s why all these villains are already in jail and they need to introduce an entire squad of people that had never been on-screen before.

Imagine if there had been a Batman movie first that introduced Harley Quinn and the Joker. That would be pretty neat. Or maybe Batman facing Deadshot. I just feel there was too much explanation in the beginning. Then for certain other characters, they got one line or a ten-second flashback. Speaking of flashbacks, I think there was too much of it in the movie.

The action scenes were alright, kind of hectic but there are some memorable moments. The final fight was fun but suffered from an all-powerful enemy not using their abilities to their full extent. I think something less world-ending for the squad’s first opponent would be good.

I really liked the movie though. It’s a summer action flick that is fun with lots of wild characters playing off one another. Deadshot and Harley Quinn are the obvious main characters, though. It’s not like an equal ensemble. The movie was forced to jump around too much and slow down too much just to introduce everyone.

The later moments in the movie are great, though, once everyone starts to know everyone else. Those are the parts that really make the squad feel like a squad. It could have been so much more fun, though. If the enemy wasn’t so overpowered, more of the squad could have been given a chance to shine.

Tonally, the movie seems split between goofy and serious, and that clashes at times. Suicide Squad is a fun movie that I overall enjoyed. It could haveb been really good, though.

Some spoiler thoughts about individual characters. Will include general movie spoilers as well.

Deadshot. I liked him though at times he felt more Will Smith rather than Deadshot. He has some great shooting scenes that really show what he’s capable of. Those were awesome.

Harley Quinn. I really enjoyed her character. There were times when she reminded me of the original cartoon version. It was just the way she talks and acted in those times. At other times, she sounded like a different person. I’ve read a bit about her original arc of refusing the joker for her new friends, but I don’t think that would have worked. She barely had any good interactions with the squad at the time the Joker comes around.

Killer Croc. His head looked way too large for his body. He needed, like, an extra 2 feet of height and three hundred more pounds. Otherwise, I liked his character. He doesn’t talk a lot, but his reactions to stuff is fun.

Captain Boomerang. He is really fun and out there. Probably he’s the least serious character in the movie and he does some wild things. I just wanted him to be more involved, and maybe throw some more boomerangs. But he’s great fun in the movie.

El Diablo. He is probably my favorite out of the squad, really. He had a complete story and a great resolution at the end. It doesn’t hurt one bit that he’s overall awesome with his firepower.

Slipknot. I mean, what can I really say about Slipknot, yo? Best member.

Rick Flagg. He’s alright. I would have liked to see more of his relationship with Dr. June Moon. It was just one of the many things not given enough time due to too many characters.

Katana. For what she did, which was basically be kickass with a Katana, she did great. I just wanted more for her to do. Even her two character-building moments were pretty much based on the same event.

Amanda Waller. She does scary government official so well. It was a really intimidating part. Often times, she is the biggest presence on screen, and that’s impressive considering who’s around her.

The Enchantress. I really liked the way she looked in her scraggly form. Just the diffusing shadow thing worked really well. Her more powerful look actually seems weird. Her motivations, though, were no better than most other super-hero villains. Let’s destroy the world! Yay!

Joker. Hmm. He’s alright. I actually don’t have a lot to say on him. I do kind of think he would work better as a flashback only character because the movie was already really busy.

Gosh. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.


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