Of late, there has been a huge number of adaptations. Well, there’s always been a lot of adaptations, but now they are even turning movies into TV shows! It used to be just video games to movies/tv shows or comics to movies/tv shows. Now some tv shows and movies are even being turned into comics. Everything goes in all directions. We an asterisk now, fellas.

I did write a piece on adaptations before, multiple ones, in fact. I have not read them in a while, so my opinions may or may not have changed. I dunno, maybe they changed a little bit. I mean, people change, it happens.

I do think I enjoy adaptations a lot more when I don’t know the original. Even if I do, I can still usually enjoy them because they are their own thing. Making direct adaptations between mediums is really hard. If you tried to turn a book scene for scene into a movie, the movie would be six hours long or so. A direct translation into a tv show would lead to a lot of boring episodes, I think. There would be just many episodes where I think what’s the point? I want my TV episodes to have some kind of high-point and resolution each time.

Turning movies into TV shows is kind of interesting. I actually watched Limitless the TV show and really enjoyed it. I think it was smart that they set it as more of what happened after the movies. That made the world a lot more interesting to me since Brian was interacting with the main character of the movie. I have not watched any other movie to TV show adaptations, so I can’t talk too much about them.

Still, you’re trying to stretch a two hour plot into ten to twenty hours depending on season length. It might work, it might not work. But I think doing direct adaptations will rarely work well.

Also, I think I don’t mind changes from the source material, even beyond things required by the change in medium. It’s fun to get surprised by what you think you know. Of course, it might also be frustrating if they mess with your favorite moment. Sometimes, I think if the producers/writers want to change things a lot, they could just make original material. Unfortunately, original material has no name recognition, and when they need $100 million or more just to make the project, investors want something more guaranteed.

In the end, it really just depends on the end product. Some people make changes and they work great, maybe even better than the original. Some people make changes and they turn out to be really bad. But adaptations will be different, mostly be necessity. But I think big or small surprises would be fun for people that already knows what happens.

I mean, I enjoyed the Iron Man 3 twist. A lot of people didn’t because it deprived them of a great comic book villain, but I thought it was really fun. Of course, the actual villain of the movie was not more interesting, which was a shame.


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