Wayward Pines, Season 2 Finale

Wow, never expected a season 2. I was suprised to see one happening. Since I liked the premise of the first season, of course I went and watched it. Season 2 takes a large shift in tone. It probably has to since keeping up the mystery thing doesn’t work when season 1 already revealed all the answers. I’m kind of glad. I don’t need a brand new mystery in the town.

So, what happens now that everyone, and this will be spoiler information from season 1. If you’re at all interested, at least check out the first half of season 1, which is when the answers are revealed. Anyway, in season 2, what happens when everyone knows they are in the year 4000 something and surrounded by a new, dangerous race of abbies?

It’s a new season where martial law reigns. The leader ofthe town is Jason, who has taken over Pilcher’s ideals and is doing what he thinks is right to keep everyone alive, including a rough suppressing of anyone that tries to rebel against him. Things get shaken up by a new person being awakened, Theo Yedlin.

Dr. Yedlin is the only doctor around, apparently, since even after he shows a great willingness not to listen, they don’t just freeze him up again for another doctor. Anyway, like most people from the old world, Theo doesn’t like his new future, and he doesn’t like what’s going on where Jason is a dictator is in charge of everything.

The second season is a lot more about how would a town survive in a hostile world where they can’t get the resources they need and the locals want to kill you. Oh, and if you fail, the last of humanity goes.

The abbies are much more of a threat this time around. There’s more of them, and they still want to break through the barrier. Everyone is stressed and on edge. Each episode throws in new challenges and stresses and shows both how the leadership deals with things and how the normal people do.

I think it’s an interesting look at this kind of society after everyone else in the world is gone. I enjoyed most of the episodes even if it is really different from the first season.

There’s a whole new cast, really, for this season. I think out of all the new characters, CJ stands out for me. He’s thoughtful and careful while still being intense. The others are alright, though I will say Doctor Yedlin annoys me at times. He’s definitely abusing the fact that he’s useful.

I do have a higher than normal amount of spoiler thoughts, so they will follow. If you liked season 1, and I thought it was alright, might as well see where the story goes. Now for some spoiler thoughts.

I originally didn’t like them taking an all new cast of characters. The season 1 characters are mostly back for a few episodes. Out of everyone, Megan surprisingly survived and is around for a while! Pilcher, too, is also in a lot of flashbacks. It’s cool to have callbacks to season 1, but they already had the perfect reason why those characters would no longer be in season 2, Jason froze all of them! But they bring them back just for a few episodes each anyway.

There are some nice callbacks to the first season, too, and seeing more of the founding of the town is cool. The season ends with just as much of a what’s next feeling as the first season, but with completely different circumstances.

I feel that most of Doctor Yedlin’s complaints about how the town is run should be for after Humanity gets back on their feet. If your entire population is in one town protected by a wall, some extreme measures need to be taken. Of course Jason still made quite a few bad decisions, too. Overall, living in that kind of place will do that to a person.

I am not expecting a season 3, but if one comes along, sure, I’ll watch it.


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