Hotel Transylvania 2

Blah blah blah.

Hotel Transylvania 2 brings back all the characters for more wacky adventures. The first one was great, so I’m looking forward to the second one. I am really surprised they went through the beginning montage with the pregnancy and seeing Denisovich grow up. I thought they would have made a jump cut after the wedding to four years later, but whoa.

The side monsters are as funny as ever. Murray, the mummy, Frank the Frankenstein’s monster, Griffin the invisible man and Wayne the werewolf, all of them were hilarious. Now that they are all minor celebrities and even more out of shape than before, the group is now more adorable.

This movie has a lot of parts that had me laughing out loud. It’s not the quippy, one-liner kind of humor. It’s just some good jokes. The part I laughed at the most was Frank going into Drac’s room and trying on Drac’s clothes.

Speaking of Drac, the plot this time is that his grandson, Denisovich, might not turn out to be a vampire, and he is not having it! Mavis wants to take Denis(ovich) to California, somewhere where he can live a more normal life. No one else seems to want that, not Denis, not Johnny, and definitely not Drac. So Drac tricks Mavis to go off on a house-hunting mission while he tries to prove that his grandson is a vampire.

It’s a roadtrip movie with all of the characters as lovable monsters and a cute kid that’s not annoying.

Johnny and Mavis seems to have less to do, but they do show off the world now that everyone knows monster exists. They also get to interact with Johnny’s family. It’s not quite as slapstick and funny as Drac’s parts, but still a nice bit of world-building in the movie. Nothing too in your face. It’s just enough to answer some questions.

Time for some spoilers. Stop reading now. I recommend this movie, especially if you liked the first one. The character’s haven’t missed a beat. In fact, they’re better than before.

Anyway, the third act really feels like the necessary excitement climax in the movie. They introduce the main antagonist then and defeat him just as fast. Drac’s father was mentioned a few times earlier on. He’s an old-school human-hating monster. But for being a thousand-year-old guy, Drac’s father changes his stance about humans really quick once he thinks his great grandson might be human.

I get that it would basically be a rehash of the first movie if they took more time with Drac’s grandfather, but it still feels too fast. Oh, and there’s a bat monster that just hates humans to give the characters an action scene.

It was exciting, but feels like it developed too fast.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is a fun sequel to the first movie. Just seeing all those scary monsters of old turn into regular people, pretty much, is really entertaining to see.


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