Good is Not Enough

When I was younger, I watched a lot of movies. That’s because I always found the cheap theaters. They were simple, no frills but good because they were inexpensive. I watched whatever I wanted in theaters because of that. That was also before the profileration of internet reviews. Nowadays, you can see a whole bunch of people’s opinions, not just professionals but regular people, too. Just one day seems to be enough to get a good idea of people’s opinions.

Due to just knowing that a movie is average, I’m less inclined to watch it even though I’m, like, 80% certain I would enjoy it. I mean, looking back at the review scores for some of the things I’ve seen before, quite a lot of them were middling, not bad but not great.

Nowadays, I don’t have access to a cheaper theater, so I tend to be much more selective of what I see there. Especially with On-demand, I can pay like, a few dollars to get a movie to watch at home the moment it releases the Blu-Rays. Due to that, I’m a lot less likely to see things that aren’t reviewed great.

I think quite a few people are like that. But most movies are average. I mean, that is kind of the meaning of average. But as people’s expectations go up, what might be considered good movies will only be given average scores because there are fantastic movies out there. A lot of these good movies might falter despite being very enjoyable just because most people don’t want to give it a chance. And with so many movies coming out, why should they? Consumers can now find a lot of information without every directly coming into contact with the product.

If movie ticket prices were cheaper, I would so want to see movies in theaters. As it is, I mostly decide to wait until they come out on-demand for a much lower price. Thus, I contribute to movies not getting sequels since they don’t get enough money. Though it’s also pretty wild to think that a movie needs to make double its budget just to break even thanks to costs not related to making the movie.

Movies considered “average” can be very enjoyable. I just don’t feel like paying a lot of money to see them anymore, unfortunately, even if I know I would like it. It’s just too easy to get other entertainment now. That’s pretty bad for competent movies that are not phenominal. But that’s the breaks, I suppose. It does make me sad that some movies I enjoy won’t get sequels just because they aren’t great but just “okay.”

I’m not helping anything, so I guess I can’t complain that much.

Oh, random mumblings not related to anything above, I tend to only watch huge special effect movies when I go to theaters. I want giant dragons, robots and super powers. I’m fine with watching movie stars in small size at home. I don’t need giant Geoge Clooney. Him at regular size is good for me.


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