Daredevil Season 2

Ah, the beauty of watching things later, I don’t need to wait for the next season. So after a short break, I rolled right into season 2. This season keeps up the action and powerful moments. Pretty much all surviving characters are back in some way or form.

I think there’s going to be mild spoilers throughout. Later on I will have a spoiler section.

This season really feels like Punisher’s season. I mean, half of the plot is devoted to him. And is it good. This Punisher is fantastic. Over the course of the season, it shows how Frank Castle turns into the Punisher. Matt wants to stop him since he just shoots everyone. They come into contact early and on opposite sides.

Partway through the season is when the actual bad guy for Matt get’s introduced. No, it’s not Elektra, it’s Ninjas! You thought they were gone after the first seaon? Think again. I sort of have an issue with them, though, because the ninjas receive pretty much no characterization. Frank Castle really is the best character of the season.

I kind of get not wanting to go into the ninja’s reasons and motivations to make them feel more mysterious, but they just aren’t. Matt beats them up a lot and without a huge amount of effort. I think that if they want to keep them mysterious, they should up the mystic factor. This show already takes place in the same universe as an alien invasion, just give the ninjas a bit more magical flare. It might be tough to balance out with the more down-to-Earth tone, but it can be done. That way, the ninjas still feel threatening while not needing to reveal a lot about them.

Back to the good part of the season, Frank Castle. He can just hit every note from grief to rage so well. The man does everything. He will kill people and later on make you cry. He’s pretty much great every time he appears on screen.

Matt’s still good, but I want to say I’m disappointed how little I see him doing his actual job. He’s really taking his nighttime activities to an unhealthy level, and his personal relationships are really struggling for it. I do like what happened to Foggy and Karen, though. Karen turned into an investigative reporter, which is pretty much what she’s been doing for the entirety of season one. Foggy really gets to show his stuff as a lawyer since Matt’s not around that much.

The action is still fantastic. It’s still brutal. The Punisher side of the plot is great. Elektra is good, but the enemy she’s facing isn’t as interesting.

Onto the major spoilers.

So, Nobu’s back. I hoped they would use this season to flesh him out more, but nope, not really. And I mentioned ninjas before. Fans of the comics will probably realize I mean the Hand. It might not be comic accurate, but give them some more badass people like Nobu. That would be interesting even without rounding them out as much.

Wilson Fisk is back! And he still takes all scenes he’s in. Even in jail, he is just so threatening.

I was so disappointed by the last episode where Frank Castle did not mow down ninjas by the dozen with his newly found arsenal. I mean, it was the perfect set up! Nope, he just shows up for a bit and kills, like, 4 ninjas. I get why they did that. This is a Daredevil season. You can’t have the Punisher outdo the main character, but it was just so well set up for that to happen.

Still a great season. And now I actually have to wait to see what happens next. Aw.


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