Starting out already, I like this movie. It just presents a fantastical world and gives enough insight into it to show how things work. The world where mammals have evolved to where clothes, do basically do everything people do, has enough thought behind it to make things work. And the visuals are just amazing, which shouldn’t be surprising for a Disney film. The city of Zootopia is just amazing to see. It’s a mishmash of several different climates and the animals that live there.

Zootopia tells the story of the first rabbit cop. They don’t tend to let rabbits be cops due to their size, but Judy Hops is determined to do it. The main focus of the movie is the examination of prejudice, not just between predator and prey but between the different species as well.

Foxes tend to be looked down on as being sly tricksters. Judy had a bad experience with a fox when she was younger, so of course she is forced to work with a fox conman over the course of the movie to solve her case. Citizens of Zootopia have been mysteriously disappearing and the police can’t find them. Only the fox, Nick, has a lead on one of the missing animals.

I don’t want to say too much more. It’s a Disney movie that explores a lot of issues with so many different kinds of people living in close proximity. For younger kids, a lot of the problems that are going on underneath the main plot might go over them. This movie is also overall more slow-paced. There are some wacky hijinks, but not that as much as other movies. They take their investigating slow and methodical.

It’s still a lot of fun just exploring the world and meeting all the characters. Judy is great fun to watch. She’s just vibrant, smart, wants to help, refuses to get stay down. Everything you want from a police officer. Nick, he’s the slick one. I didn’t enjoy him as much, but that’s more due to his type of character rather than anything wrong with him. I think he actually changes more over the course of the movie than Judy. Later on, I enjoyed him much more.

The side characters are all great, too. Clawhauser, especially, is just fun and awesome. I really like Judy’s parents. They are the cautious sort of supportive because they think a rabbit would not be safe being a cop.

This movie is just begging for a follow-up series, like Big Hero 6, where Judy continues on her cop quest.

The movie is thematically heavier than other Disney movies of late in terms of how it can be applied to the real world. I just like the Zootopia world and all the visuals. There’s just so much going on, and I would really enjoy a nice, slowed-down look at how everything works. Call it curiousity on world-building.


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