Finally, after a long time, I have seen Daredevil, Season 1, on Netflix. I’ll be honest and say that I only recently got Netflix, and that was because of Fuller House. But since I have Netflix, it’s time to check out all of the other shows and movies on there. Being a large Marvel fan, I probably put off Daredevil longer than I should have. But this series is fantastic.

Daredevil tells the story of Matt Murdoch, lawyer by day and blind vigilante by night. Just to be clear, he’s also blind during the day. He has super senses that allows him to do martial arts with the best of them. Maybe even better. As can be expected, the sound design in this show is really good. They take the time to let you hear what Matt hears during tense situations, and I think the effect is really good.

The storyline is a darker than normal Marvel fare. It’s also a lot more violent. There’s blood, and that’s the lightest of it. Some scenes in this, man, it’s just gratuitous. But the action is amazing here. Because Matt has just a normal guy, strength-wise, he needs to beat down his enemies hard. His secondary power is the power to get back up.

The scene in episode 2, you all know the one, with the hallway. That was the best thing ever. The goons don’t just stay down after being knocked to the ground. They get back up, they try again. You can see everyone getting more and more tired. That little push off the wall Matt does with his body really sells how weary everyone was by the end of it.

Season one is also about Wilson Fisk and his turn into a crime lord. Well, he starts as a crime lord, but he still believes he’s the good guy. Repeated setbacks by Matt Murdoch let’s him see himself in a new light. And Wilson Fisk is always an intimidating presence, even if he acts awkward at times or is soft-spoken, you know he’s always ready to break a guy. Season 1 is as much Wilson’s story as it is Matt’s.

And, like always, Marvel brings out a bunch of pleasing side characters. Foggy and Karen are always great to watch. I just like Foggy’s attitude to stuff. And Karen, while she could have fallen into the girl that always get’s saves because she does stupid stuff, doesn’t . She avoids it just narrowly by virtue of somewhat being able to handle herself. She still gets into a lot of trouble, though.

Even the bad guys side-characters are interesting. It says a lot when I think the Russians are really interesting villains despite not being any sort of main badguy and in the show the least. They might even beat out some of the movie villains in terms of being developed. And Leland Owlsley has some surprising gumption.

This show just works so well to bring a darker, street-level look to the Marvel Universe. It shows what happens after the Avengers leave and regular people need to pick up the pieces. Going to go to season 2, now.


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