Wynonna Earp, Season Finale

When I first heard of this show, I really didn’t know what to think. Being that I like female main characters so I thought, yeah, why not, let’s go check it out! What I got was something fun and awesome. This show is a fantasy western set in modern times with all sorts of style and attitude.

The main character, Wynonna Earp, is the descendent of legendery gunman Wyatt Earp. Her sisters are Waverly and Willa. Her father is Ward. See that alphabetical theme naming in action. Wyatt has been cursed, and all of the people that has been cursed come back to life. That’s why his heirs must put them down again each time.

Now, Wynonna is the heir. She is sassy, full of attitude and is just slightly broken. She is a rude and crude girl that has to deal with all of the dead coming back out. They hate her, they dragged away her father and sister. And she wants revenge on all of them. Most of them happen to be assholes, too, since that was why Wyatt killed them in the first place.

Rounding out Wynonna’s team is her younger sister, Waverly, a plucky nice girl. Marshall Dolls, an outsider to the small town that’s been sent to contain the paranormal threat. And John Henry Holliday, a mysterious individual with the style and sensibilities of the old west. Wynonna, along with Wyatt’s gun, Peacemaker, must take on a new threat each week.

Unlike some other shows, Wynonna is sometimes proactive in going after the undead revenants. She’s especially pissed at the party of seven that attacked and dragged away half of her family. While some revenants are just plain assholes, there are quite a lot that also hate their situation of coming back to life every time. They’re trapped, they can’t die, things suck for them, too. It makes the whole situation that much sadder, and Wynonna uses her snarkiness to cover up how much doing that sort of thing gets to her.

The main antagonist revenant, Bobo del Ray, is fun to watch. He just has style and a threatening presence. He’s the one with the plot on how to let all of the revenants escape, and that’s going to get him clashing with Wynonna a lot.

This show just has all the makings of a fun fantasy story set in the style of the old west. Yet all of the modern conveniences don’t feel out of place at all. The story is a lot more deep than it first lets on, and all of the characters are pretty fun to watch.

Time for some finale spoilers. Stop here if you haven’t seen Wynonna Earp yet and go check it out! It was a nice surprise for me.

Whoa. Who knew that the barrier keeping the revenants in was also keeping something worse out. That was some nice special effects at the end there. It looks like the paranormal is getting ramped way up for the second season.


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