Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

This is an animated film made in France. I saw it in Netflix recently just browsing around, and it looked interesting, so I decided to go ahead and watch it. First off, Netflix says that his movie is for kids 5-7. Don’t believe it! This movie is for teens at least. Still, this is a good movie with a lot of trippy visuals.

Why do I say it’s not for young kids? Mostly because it’s a serious movie with a lot of strange visuals that just get no explanation. Things happen that everyone ignores. A lot of symbolism goes through the movie. Listening to the lyrics of the song, it’s kind of risque at times, too. I would call this a hyper-stylish love story between Jack and Miss Acacia.

Jack is a boy with a frozen heart, so he has it replaced by a cuckoo-clock, hence the title of the story. There are certain precautions one must take when having a clock for a heart, though, and it mostly relates to not getting too emotional. That means not falling in love, a primally powerful emotion. Of course Jack falls in love.

There are several strange and imaginative sequences in the movie that are just freaky and fun to watch. The train in particular has no bearing on anything but is quite a sight to see.

The pace of the movie moves along pretty slowly. It almost got to the point where I had no idea what was going to happen because the movie defied normal conventions. The main story is Jack reuniting with Miss Acacia after being apart for four years. They pick up slowly, though and without certainty of the future.

I really like the main antagonist of the story, Joe. I mean as a character. He’s a school bully of Jack that also likes Miss Acacia, pretty standard stuff, but he has style. He comes out with a mad beat and spits cool rhymes. You know, he might have caused all of the problems in Jack’s life, but he’s still a cool character.

This is a wondrous movie full of funky visuals and symbolism. The songs are great and catchy. It’s a simple story yet it tells it in such a way that makes it a bit unpredictable. A strange experience of a movie that I found worth it. It’s not for young kids, though. Don’t listen to Netflix.

Also, Jack sounds like a full grown man even when he’s 10 years old. Come on, voice casting director.


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