The Martian

The first ten minutes of this movie is intense. They just drop straight into the action, no setup needed. And, being a squeamish person, oh man. I found *that* scene worse than some more violent stuff in other movies, because in those other movies, the characters are action stars that react differently to injury. This time, it’s a normal guy clearly trying hard just not to faint again.

The Martian, the story of Mark Watney, an astronaut that is stranded on Mars. He needs to survive until rescue come. I must say that I am loving these space movies recently. Gravity, Interstellar, and now The Martian. There’s just something fantastic and hopeful about all of them. The Martian might be my favorite just for how it could help boost space exploration. The Martian is based on a lot of real science. Educated guesses are only used when the real science isn’t quite there, yet.

And the Martian is wonderful in how everyone works together. The Director of Nasa is the closest thing to an antagonist, and that’s only because he has to think about more than just one astronaut stuck on Mars. Even then, he does his best to help out.

I will say that this movie has some hilarious lines. I don’t know if it’s the sudden shift in tone or just really smart writing and acting, but I laughed out loud a lot when the funny parts came on. Overall, it’s a hopeful, but serious film, but it knows how to have fun. It’s almost like actually being in that situation, if you can’t laugh, you’d just be curled up into a ball, crying all the time.

This movie is just good all around. You get a feel for the problem, but very few times does Mark Watney just stop. He keeps on going, figuring out ways to survive. Matt Damon does a great job with him.

The other characters just pop into the movie with a nameplate introducing them. You don’t find out much about them at all, but you do find out the important thing that they’re all trying to help Mark Watney. I almost forget at times that the movie takes place over 2 or 3 years. Characters you just saw last scene have been debating and worked things out already. It does get a bit jarring, but never too much.

All of the side characters get enough personality and screentime to be enjoyable. The scenes on Earth are fun to watch, even in a movie where being trapped on Mars is the main plot.

Just from start to finish, The Martian is great. I really want for it to be true someday, sending people to Mars. That Elon Musk fellow is planning a trip by 2024, which would be amazing if it happens. Just imagine, real people on Mars. This movie is as much about possibility as it is about telling a good story about a man’s will to survive.


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