Alice Through the Looking Glass

Wow, it’s been six years since Alice in Wonderland. I am pretty suprised they decided to make a sequel after all that time. I am thinking perhaps too much time as passed for just a straight sequel. It’s also pretty great that all the major characters from the first movie show up in the second movie, even the people in the regular world. Note that I might be wrong. I don’t remember the first movie since I saw it SIX years ago.

I will say this straight out, I enjoyed this movie more than the first one. And I enjoyed the movie overall. The first movie, character’s don’t feel fully realized. They spent much more time exploring the world, but none really digging into characters. And since they gave names to people like the Hatter, White Queen and Red Queen, they obviously wanted them to be treated as more than set pieces.

This movie, thanks to time travel, Alice gets to see a lot of major events that happene in those character’s lives. For a dream world, it’s not too important. When the movie portrays the Underland as a real place with real problems, I appreciate having a deeper look into the past of the characters.

The world is still colorful and vibrant. It’s suitably wacky while still being more toned down from a full dreamscape. Time, as in a person that is the personification of Time, is a new original addition to the movie. He’s played by Sacha Baron Cohen, and he’s fantastic. His castle is awesome. His clockwork minions are alright. And Time himself is really great and fits into the movie world.

I enjoyed this film more due to a greater focus on the characters. The time traveling works well. No headscratching paradoxes around, really. It’s about as solid time traveling can be.

Time for more spoilery stuff.

Time, while he’s played up to be the bad guy, is actually the good guy. He’s the one trying to stop people from meddling around in the past and causing the collapse of time as Underland knows it. I mean, a lot of people are really horrible to him for their own selfish reasons. Time also has some great effects going through him all throughout. I like the way irises blink at times.

My favorite parts of the movie has got to be the White Queen and Red Queen’s childhood. It really has some nice development for both of them. You get to see how their feud first began, and why the Red Queen has a giant head.

The regular world stuff, I could leave it, really. I mean, I know it’s important to show how Alice has grown, and it doesn’t drag on for too long, so that’s fine.

I liked the movie. It’s whismsical with a nice clockwork antagonist that’s just doing his job. You get to know the other characters more, too, and that rounds out the world more.


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