TV Renewals and Cancellations

Ah, it’s that time of year, when you find out if your favorite TV show is still on the air or not and what might be replacing it. I have not seen as much about potential new shows. The only one I’ve even seen a trailer of is Timeless. I mean, I like time travel hijinks, so I’m all for it.

I am still missing Forever, from last year, and Almost Human, from two years ago. It’s just from an outsiders view that the networks are really jumpy about cancelling things. I read up a bit about viewership numbers, and they don’t seem horrible, yet certain shows are just deemed not worth it to continue. Of course there is the cost-per-episode that I have no idea.

Now then, some shows I’ve watched that have been canceled. sadfaec

I’m really sad for both Galavant and Agent Carter. I knew both shows weren’t doing well, but they were also mid-season break shows. What’s going to be in the winter break now? Reruns? Other new shows?

Castle, I’m kind of sad to see go, but then again, it had 9 seasons. If a show gets to the point where they havea will-they,won’t-they,they-did,they-didn’t cycle, it’s probably time to end it. Or just stop focusing on the romance drama part! Geeze. Not every show needs to have romance drama all the time.

Limitless on CBS. Nooooo! Why, CBS. This was an entertaining show, man. It was quirky and fun. This is going to be my Forever of this Television year.

Crowded was fun. I wouldn’t mind another season of that. I’ve liked Miranda Cosgrove ever since School of Rock.

On to the renewals! Hooray.

I’m glad Supergirl is renewed. I like the idea of it, and I found it enjoyable despite it being uneven. It’s being moved to the CW, though! That’s cool, maybe? I wonder what’s in store for it moving forwards? I’m just hoping they can now combine it with the other CW superhero shows going forwards.

iZombie is still around! It’s a midseason show, but it’s still around! This is my favorite buddy cop show right now.

Blindspot. You got to accept the premise of the show to enjoy it, and the premise is a bit out there for the real world. It’s alright. Another take on the procedural formula.

Surprisingly, they’re going for another season of Sleepy Hollow after losing one of the main characters. I wonder if they can pull out something fresh and interesting again? Something fun lik the first season would be great.

I wonder. From what I’ve read, most shows are down in viewership overall. Are networks still comparing numbers for considering renewal from years ago? If that’s the case, a lot of great shows possibly won’t reach that needed number, what with all the other methods of entertainment now fighting for our attention.

Just please don’t cancel the shows I watch, says all the people. Though if shows stay on as long as people watch it, we wouldn’t get as many new stuff. New, new stuff, and maybe new remake/reboot stuff. happyfaec


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