Blindspot, Season Finale

Blindspot is a show about a woman with no memories and with tattoos all over her body. She is put in the middle of, uh, I want to say Times Square, but I might not be remembering the first episode correctly. The name of an FBI agent , Jurt Weller, is on her body. She may or may not be his childhood friend that disappeared. Oh, her tattoos are also linked to a lot of corruption in the government and secret criminal organizations everywhere. Each week, they decode one of the tattoos and it leads them to their case.

If you can get past the premise, it’s an enjoyable enough show. Nothing really stands out, but it’s nice how all the agents on Kurt’s team has plot that is eventually folded into the main going on’s with Jane Doe, the tattoo woman.

The most unbelievable aspect of the show is how they always decode the right tattoo in time to stop the thing. Though sometimes, the thing only happens because the agents discover the plot, and another time, the people that tattooed Jane had to step in to give them information since the thing was going down now.

The main plot running through the show is Who is Jane and who did it to her.


Jane did it to herself. She works for some nebulous organization with some unknown goals.

This show is full of conspiracy theories, secret programs and corrupt individuals. The show also has a love of extreme closeups on the characters’ faces. Like, they take up 5/6th of the screen constantly. It’s kinda weird, but I’ll roll with it.

I enjoy this show well enough. It’s not something I wait for specifically, but it’s also something I’ll be alright with if it sticks around. The stakes get shaken up towards the end of the season, so it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes from there. Jurt seems to mumble a lot and has only one facial expression, but the other characters are all decent. I actually like the psychiatrist. I dunno, he’s just pretty chill despite all that’s going on.

Some questions were answered in the first season, such as whether Jane is Kurt’s childhood friend or not. But there is still a lot of unanswered stuff. I hope the second season answers things from the first season and introduces new mysteries. I don’t need the same plot running on too long.


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