Gotham, Season Finale

Gotham season 2 is so much densier and wackier than season one. It’s great! I already gave my thoughts about the first half of the season previously here, so this will just be about the second half.

This time, it’s all about Arkham, the pysciatric hospital, and the secret lab underneath it, Indian Hill. It is there that all sorts of freaks and monsters are being created by Doctor Hugo Strange, played by BD Wong. Hugo Strange is great here. He has a sort of suaveness and calm no matter the situation. Well, until the final episode, anyway. His assistant, Ms. Peabody is also fun to watch. She’s more practical and worried about the rules. He just wants to see what happens when he does things.

The first few episodes are about Mister Fries, who wants to save his wife, Nora from dying. You know, I never knew I wanted to meet Nora Fries and see how she interacts with other people until Gotham, but it was great! She reacts to the whole thing kind of how I expected her to.

Then Hugo Strange really kicks into gear with his experiments. And Bruce heavily suspects that what his father worked on had something to do with the project Strange is running. I really liked the episode with the raptor-handed girl. I couldn’t remember her name, but I really liked her character.

Bruce is really getting into the Batman vibe now. He’s still a few years away going for serious combat training, but he’s already has a lot of great Batman ideas going through his head. I’m liking Selina a lot more this season, too. In the first season, she sometimes appear just to appear. This time, she’s much more involved with what’s going on.

Penguin and Butch are still great as always. In fact, they’re even better together now. Just that RPG scene, man. Just that scene. Best part of the whole season. Crazy Ed is really great, too. And Barbara is still kicking! She’s sort of a wild card right now. I hope she doesn’t just attach herself to all the different groups, but it is kinda her personality. Harvey is great as always.

The new police captain, Barnes, is alright. Even though he comes at odds with Gordan, he’s not that annoying for doing so. Still, his fate is kind of up in the air right now. So let’s see what happens in the third season.

The finale, it was just so well built up. Spoiler time!

Everyone important is at Arkham or going there, so you know stuff is going down. Just the final moments to the episode before the season finale was great. You saw every character (except Penguin and Butch) at Indian Hill just being crazy.

Hugo Strange has been ordered to terminate his operations and move all of this experiment upstate. That means blowing up Indian Hill. The finale didn’t hit with large revalations, but it was the solid ending to Hugo Strange’s story. Fake Jim Gordan is also hilariously awesome.

Gotham season two really embraces the craziness that makes it much better and fun. It’s not overly grim, but it’s still a dark, dreary feeling of a messed up city. They might even embrace this not being a strict prequel to Batman. It gives them a lot more freedom to be surprising that way. Just go with a alternate-reality storyline instead of trying to fit this into known Batman lore.

Go forth and enjoy.


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