Legends of Tomorrow, Season Finale

Legends of Tomorrow, a mash-up of heroes and former villains who gathered together to stop the immortal Vandal Savage. In order to do that, they must hunt Vandal Savage through time! This makes everyone sound much more competent than they act.

This is still a fun show that does an ensemble cast right. Everyone gets their own chance to shine, and each episode mostly doesn’t feel bogged down by them. That’s because each episode, the team of eight gets split into two or three groups, and the good part is that the groups change up a lot.

This show is fun, sometimes nonsensical fun, but still fun and entertaining. Though you really need to turn off your BS detector to get through it. Think too deeply on some things and the show does fall apart a bit. So I don’t. I’m just here enjoying my super team of clashing friends on their trip through time.

The biggest problem I have with the show is just how incompetent the team feels when they go up against Vandal Savage. In non-Savage episodes, they are all much more enjoyable. Probably because they don’t make stupid decisions in the end resulting in Savage getting away.

I think that’s the problem with the villain. Aside from immortality and all the years of experience, he really should not be a match for so many people, including a guy that shoots fire, a guy that can shrink, a guy with future tech! And all the others. Therefore, the heroes always fail in some contrived way. The actual character of Vandal Savage is good, though. He is the low, slithery kind of creepy, and he pulls it off well.

Among the team, each of them have their moments, though I find Leonard Snart and Mick Rory to have the most. If they were running the show, I’m sure it would either be a total disaster or Savage would be done with by the second episode.

Sara has some nice moments with both action and keeping the team together. I like Ray at times, but he also does some of the most stupidest things around. Jax and Stein are good, though they spend far too much time apart for people that can’t fight without each other. Their conflicts and growths together is good, though. And I like Rip. He’s really flawed and kind of a horrible leader, but he grows to be more of one throughout the season. And I really like the way he talks, just the way he refers to his teammates as Mister and Miss.

Kendra. Hmm. She is used way too much in relationships. Like, she has a bit of a plot about learning how to fight, but overall, she is all about the romantic relationships. I’m not into the whole mandatory relationship thing.

Spoilers for the finale and few episodes prior to that.

The Vanishing Point looked fantastic! And the whole fighting the Time Master plot feels far better than fighting Savage. For one, the team slowly makes progress, gets to be badass and defeat the Time Masters! And it also gives a somewhat justification for the results of the team’s attempt on Savage.

The final episode is pretty good, though, because they finally defeat Savage. Multiple times. In multiple times! Funny how easy Savage is able to be beaten once the Timeforce is no longer working against the heroes.

The time travel in this show is really just an excuse to go to new and exciting locations or what-if scenarios. Time travel rules are always just confusing in general, so once again, don’t think too much about it.

The Legends of Tomorrow is a fun, superhero show that does a marvelous ensemble cast. No one character outshines the others. For season 2, they just need to make the heroes more competent. Pick a bad guy that allows the heroes to be at their best while still not defeating the bad guy. Don’t just dumb/weaken people down as plot calls for it.

Still, let’s go on more time travel shenanigans.


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