Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season Finale

The high-flying Agents of Shield (AoS) Season 3 is finished! And wow, the show has changed a lot from season one. There are a lot of super-powered people running around, now. The whole Inhuman plot from the second season is now in full swing with powered people everywhere and Shield trying to deal with it. So now it’s both agents and superheroes!

AoS is just doing its own thing, bringing about world-ending threats and working great for it. With the addition of super-powered people, there are new tensions running all through the season, especially since Daisy is one of those inhumans. The first half of the season deals with finding more inhumans while racing against Hydra, who is also doing the same thing.

The second half, that brings out the big guns in Ward turning into Hive, an Inhuman that rules over all over Inhumans. Brett Dalton does a great job portraying such a different character. Hive really isn’t like any human at all, and that comes across.

It’s great how Inhumans are at the forefront of this season. It feels so different from before, where it was normal agents and spies trying to deal with another secret organization. Now it’s Inhumans vs Inhumans. But that doesn’t mean the regular people don’t have much to do. They are as involved as ever, first starting with Gemma getting sucked to an alien planet, then with May and her husband Andrew.

The finale, though, that was really tense. Someone was going to die, and the show already established that it will happen. Who could it be? Well, you’ll have to watch. But I really enjoyed the final death scene in the episode. It was so well done and different than what I saw before. It was a really tranquil feeling. The sudden jump right after that, though, could have been delayed a bit. It really didn’t give enough time or weight to what happened before.

Daisy was really put through a lot this season, and it shows. Her emotions and acting is great. In fact, everyone does really well on this show. It’s hard to imagine what other craziness they can come up with in the next season. I mean, what’s going to top an ancient Inhuman? It’s just too bad that the deaths man certain actors won’t be back.

This show is getting more superhero by the episode, and crazier, too. They certainly know how to throw all the emotions at you at just the right amounts and intensity. Can’t wait for the next season to begin.


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