Once Upon A Time, Season Finale

Another magical season of Once Upon a Time has come and gone. Magical being there is a lot of magic in this show, a lot of it comes out to have a convenient out for the characters and then is never used again. Now I don’t mind that as much, since I view this show more as about characters rather than focusing on them trying to face unreasonable evils. I really like how the main heroes can have conversations with the arc villains.

So magic really is just a tool that the writers use when they need something to happen. It could be woven in better, but that’s not the main reason why I watch this show. I watch for Regina. And now, add in some Zelena.

I find this season about the same as the previous one, so take that how you will. There will be spoilers in here for most of the season. Go catch up on demand if you haven’t.

The plot starts with Camelot and more curses! Now the character’s can’t remember and there’s a  new curse over the Town. To free Emma from the Dark One, the main characters must travel to Camelot and find Merlin, the only one that can cleave Emma from the curse of the Dark One.

While I enjoyed most of it, the plot sort of just fizzles away towards the end. Merlin, who was built up to be a super big deal the previous season, doesn’t feel more impressive than any other magic user. It never feels like it has the proper conclusion before everyone got whisked away to the next adventure.

That’s kind of a problem that continues on from last season. We didn’t get proper closure to the Lily storyline either. I think it’s due to real life commitments with the actress, but it’s still disappointing. The Camelot ending feels much the same way. They lock up Arthur, bugger off to the underworld and that was it. I would have been so happy if when they returned, Arthur had turned Storybrooke into New Camelot. I did enjoy their take on Arthur, though.

The second half of the season brings back all of the old characters that died. It’s actually really fun. Though in a weird way, some people’s final goodbyes felt a bit weak when you see them in flashbacks later. It’s like even if a character dies in the present, they’ll still be around for flashbacks later on.

Hades, while taking visual cues from the Disney version, is more of a businessman-like guy. He hides his true motivations well while being a smooth salesman. He was alright, though I don’t think I found him as interesting.

Now then, onto the finale. There will be spoilers for the finale here, so go watch it.

Again with the super convenient magic! And this time, it’s magic to destroy magic! And then magic to bring back magic! Like, whoa. The plot with Snow, Charming, Hook and Zelena was the more interesting part of the finale for me. It brought about a sense of wonder in the form of a new world and strange new characters.

I would be up for more episodes about their adventures in the strange new world. But budgets. So they took the characters in the new world and plonked them down on Storybrooke. Still, that sets up a lot of potential fun for the next season. I’m down for that.

And it seems that Regina will be getting a potentially interesting storyline. Sounds good.


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