Captain America: Civil War

It’s finally here! I have been waiting for this movie since, well, Ant-man. While it’s not quite a war, it’s a grand Civil Battle. And boy was the battle scene good.

This movie overall started with a bang and then slowly built up to an even bigger explosive confrontation. There’s a lot going on that’ll be spoilers to anyone that didn’t see it, so I’ll be having that in the spoilers section as usual.

This movie juggles so many characters together well. I think it’s because they everyone ties into the central conflict, to bring a known criminal to justice or not. There were certainly a lot of jumps in the movie, though. I can’t think of a recent movie with that many location subtitles showing up. It made the beginning a bit disjointed when they were trying to set up everything, but moving forwards, things focused up considerably.

I think the largest difference between Civil War and Batman V Superman was that we got to know everyone in Civil War so well. Also the characters in Civil War know each other really well, too. You know there background and motivations for doing things. And they actually talked with each other trying to work things out! It failed, but not because of any misunderstanding or outside factors. Batman V Superman had to come up with a super-convuluted way that Batman and Superman wouldn’t have talked it out before things got out of hand.

Everyone in the movie was just great. The emotions and portrayals of Steve, Bucky and Tony were especially on point. And I really like the MCU’s version of Scarlet Witch. She just so needs a hug. The other guys were all great. They provided the quippy stuff leaving the heavy things to Captain America and Iron Man.

Onto the spoiler section, where I’ll also talk about the two newest additions to the MCU.

One thing I thought the movie didn’t really need were three scenes of Bucky running the car off the road. Twice would be enough. Once without context, once with context. Also, Peggy Carter’s death just being thrown in there. It didn’t feel important to the overall movie, because everyone has much more problems than that. But I also don’t know when else it could have happened. Going on, there’s no planned Captain America movies. And Peggy in that time is an old lady that was already almost dying even in Winter Soldier. It had to be done, but with everything else going on, the impact is quickly lost.

Black Panther. This is how you introduce a brand new major character and make him involved in the story. At no point did he feel like an extra guy meant to set up a new movie. He is practically the fourth biggest player in the Civil War on the heroes side. And he got some great development over the course of the movie while being really awesome fighting-wise throughout. A great first impression of him even in Captain America’s movie.

Spider-man, while not as important was Black Panther, was a joy to watch. He’s just so happy fighting with all the Avengers. And Spider-man can definitely hold his own, at least when everyone is trying not to seriously hurt someone. With more experience, he would be an even more powerful force.

The ending of the movie was great. I won’t say much about it here, even in the spoiler section, because I think it’s something that should be experienced without prior knowledge. But the MCU isn’t afraid of an overarching plot that changes things up, let’s say that.

I mean, if you remotely enjoyed any of the previous movies, you’ll want to see this. It builds up from Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, so you’ll want to see those, too.

Next up, Doctor Strange!


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