Limitless, Season Finale

When I first heard of this show, I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was just another in a strange adaptation of film to television shows. And I didn’t even see the movie, so I didn’t pick up this show right away. One day, I, being the boring guy that I am, had nothing to do. So I decided to check out Limitless. Am I glad that I did.

Limitless is brevity and comedy mixed in with a procedural, but as the season goes on, a web of suspense and loyalty gets woven into a longer story. Wow… that sentence was long and went everywhere. Limitless is about a special consultant to the FBI. He is the only person they have immune to the side effects of a drug that turns people into the best versions of themselves possible.

Anyway, I really like Brian Finch as the main character. He embodies the good guy that wants to have a good time. He’s just always so upbeat on cases and enjoys everything that happens. He never uses NZT (the drug) for personal gains. He’s always trying to help other people with it, whether it’s his family, the FBI or even random people that are incidental to the case. Instead of threatening people for information, something he could easily do, he always finds something to trade for information instead.

Each episode seems to have its own feel and quirks. It keeps the show fun. Yet there are many serious and somber things running throughout the season. Yet, even the season finale finds a way to inject some humor into what’s going on.

I am really glad the season finale ended in a happy note. Too many times, shows just do random cliff hangers that gets resolved in the first episode the next season anyway. This show wrapped up everything while leaving a little taste of what could come. I think that’s a great way to do it, and I really feel Brian deserves a bit of happiness after all that he’s been through.

I think it’s great that the show acts as sort of a sequel to the movie. Edward Morra, Bradley Cooper’s character, is still in it with some mysterious agenda. He even appears a few times. Even though I never saw the movie, those moments still felt really important.

The show is great fun and a pleasant surprise. The side characters are also great, such as the people that Brian found to on his team. Mike and Ike are great. What could have been just one-note characters gained a level of importance and respect as the series went on. It shows how everyone around Brian is important to him.


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