The Shadow Hunters, Season Finale

The Shadow Hunters are based on the books that I have not read. I have watched the movie, The Mortal Instruments, but I don’t think that’s important to my thoughts about the TV series. The series is it’s own thing. I have no idea what differences there are between it and the book, so let’s go!

I will start with the alternate dimension episode. That was a TV original, right? Dunno. But it was fun. There was enough time throughout the season to get to know the characters, so seeing them in a nice, normal life with all different personalities was great. I mean, I might be alright with one alternate dimension episode each season with different circumstances.

The show started off pretty standard. It’s not until we start really digging into the characters that it becomes rather enjoyable. The initial episodes were a bit heavy on just having characters act a certain way to hammer in what they are like. It’s once Clary gets to know them more and they move past all of that does their interactions become more enjoyable. Alec, especially, is great over the course of the season.

Each of the characters got to develop over the course of the season. Of course, with Jace, it was becoming super angsty about everything. Come on, dude. Come on. I enjoyed Izzy just because she’s actually nice to non-shadow hunters. Simon got some nice badass parts while still being dorky. Really pleasantly surprised with Lydia’s character and hope she gets some screentime next season. I am glad to see Clary steadily growing more competent with fighting as the season went on, thoguh I sort of wished they showed more of her training. I mean, it probably happened off screen, but some more on screen would be better.

The actions scenes, though, they’re merely serviceable. Could have been better. They had weird speed effects, I guess to show that these are super-powered fighters, but still, the moves look weak.

One thing I thought was weird was how they changed up the institute. I have no problem with them modernizing it, giving them computers and stuff. The strange thing is them adding in an entire staff of other shadow hunters and IT guys (I assume). Yet, no one does anything useful. It’s like the institute is ran by three teenagers. No wonder Valentine is winning. No one else is capable of doing anything.

So, the series started off a bit standard, but gets fun once they really start getting to know the characters. I enjoyed it.

Next year is going to be the year of Malec! Unless the books dictates that’s not so. Because happiness is boring, apparently.


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