Ah, Supergirl. I was quite excited for this show when I first heard of it. I really like female super heroes, so I was of course going to check it out. The show started out a bit hit or miss, and I think the writers never really got past that. However, each high point got progressively higher while the lower points remained the same, so the quality of the episodes got better as the show went on.

It’s like the writers have certain scenes they want to do, and those are done great. But they have less of an idea on how to actually get to those scenes, so the transitions are just thrown in there any way possible. One of the most ridiculous ones would have to be when Kara is kidnapped. She comes back. No one cares she was kidnapped, even the guy standing there seeing it happen!

And I find it oddly strange how much time Kara has during crisis to attend to her boss.

I am enjoying the show, I just hope they tighten up on the writing a bit. There are several great characters, and most episodes are the good kind of cheesy. It’s the kind of hope you want from the S symbol.

Melissa Benoist is perfect as Supergirl. I cann’t imagine anything better. She is adorable and awkward when needed, but then when she shows of anger, it is scary. She seriously makes this show so great, and I want more just for her alone.

Alex, Kara’s Earth sister, is pretty good as well. I never disliked her, and as the series went on, I enjoyed seeing her more and more. I think she interacts with Supergirl wonderfully. Hank Henshaw is really enjoyable, too. I’ll talk more about him in the spoiler section. I also enjoy Winn and his interactions with Kara and James.

I am pleasantly surprised by both Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord. I think Cat was a character I thought would be all obstructive, but she gives more advie to Supergirl than anyone else, and there are several scenes showing she does care for people. Maxwell, I think that if he sticks in the more ambiguous mode instead of just irrational villain not liking Supergirl, he will be a really interesting character going forward. He could be the lead challenger on having Supergirl solve everything. Just don’t make him cartoony who wants to destroy all aliens at all costs. Come on.

James and Lucy, hmm. I think James could have more to do not related to who he dates. Sure, he snuck into Maxwell Lord’s labs, but that was only that one time. As for Lucy, now that she’s working for the DEO (I hope) I think she’ll get some more interesting things to do.

Finale Spoilers

Wow, this was so cheesy. But I think the show is aiming for the old Super Man where the power of hope and family wins out. I mean, I certainly felt it work in terms of the tone of the series. Supergirl should be inspiring from more than just her ability to punch bad guys. And I think it was set up well with her earning people’s admiration all through the season.

The final battle, while short, had some great moments. I think it might be budget keeping them from doing anything longer, and that’s a shame. Supergirl is really the kind of character that needs a lot of effects to sell how powerful she is. There’s a punch, and then there’s a punch that leaves gouges in the ground because the person you punched has slid a hundred feet away. The Martian Manhunter fights were short but sweet.

I think a large problem is that the show can’t use Superman for anything other than quick, unimportant shots. It just makes things awkward when they invent strange ways to take him out of the action. After this season finale, they should commit to Superman accepting that Supergirl can handle planetery disasters and no need to come running in for the next one. Just have him conveniently off world.

In closing, the show has been getting better each episode, but each episode still comes with a lot of convenience and low points. I hope the writers tighten those up, but keep the same upbeat and hopeful tone of the show. I don’t need doom and gloom from Supergirl.


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