Sleepy Hollow, Season 3 Finale

Huh, this season. It keeps most of the Crane I enjoyed watching previously, and his interactions with Abbie are still fun. The secondary characters have their own B plot most of the time now, which is cool. Though I do really want them to work together more.

The season doesn’t really pick up until the Hidden One appears. After that, it starts to feel a bit less formulaic. Each episode is still dealing with a monster of the week, but it just seems to hide it better with a main threat going around.

This might be a budget thing, since most TV shows that rely on heavy special effects seem to have lackluster fighting, but defeating the monsters still seems to easy. They find random item and bring down all those mythical creatures. And I think this season suffers from a lot more of super powerful bad guy stands around just watching, and I’m not talking about the Hidden One. There are multiple times when Pandora is there and decides not to do anything. This is especially noticeable in the final episode.

Overall, I think the setup to the confrontations with monsters are fine, they just don’t have the something extra to make the actual fights feel like a good payoff.

Onto the plot of the season, it was alright minus all the really convenient stuff going on to stop the badguys from just obliterating Crane and Gang. Pandora and the Hidden One actually had an arc, which was nice. Jenny and Joe (Corben’s son) was nice, as was Abbie and Danny (her boss). I actually liked the mid-season introduction of a new cast member. What I thought was underdeveloped was Betsy Ross and Crane.

More direct thoughts on the season finale. There will be spoilers.

Wow, they got rid of a lot of the main cast of potentially interesting people. Betsy, back to the past. Joe, dead. Abbie(!) dead. Abbie was a witness, and now she’s gone? I mean, I read that the actress wanted out of the show, but I can still blame the show creating that kind of environment. Pandora is also gone. Assuming they don’t get rid of the FBI, that would leave Jenny, Danny and the other FBI woman as main characters.

The first season of the show was fun. It was dark, mysterious while still being awesome. The headless horseman being Death riding around wielding a shotgun? The goofy kind of awesome. Individual monsters bring creepy? Nice.

It felt as if that formula would be unsustainable  in the long term. But everything they added after the first season seemed to bog things down. And now they lost one half of the main characters? It could either be a great shakeup or the end. They really need better main villains, though.


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