iZombie, Season 2 Finale

This show, man, this show is so good. The initial concept is goofy, but they ran with it so well in such great ways. I’ll start with general thoughts on season 2. I am really glad that they picked up with what happened in season 1. Almost nothing was forgotten. Major killing all those people in Meat Cute? Now the topic of a major investigation. Heh, major.

And I was really surprised that Peyton came back on the show. I was so glad when that happened. I thought when she left at the end of season one, that would be it. I mean, she was and still is a guest star. But Peyton is great and her interactions with Liv are fantastic.

The cases of the week are alright. It’s always a highlight seeing Liv act differently. I feel that this season, they toned up her personality shifts. In season one, it was more 75% live with 25% other guy. Now, it’s maybe 50, 50. It leads to some hilarious situations, and Rose McIver (actress playing Liv) does each personality so well.

I just find it odd how other zombies don’t exhibit as much of a shift, though it might have to do with Liv actively trying to get into the brain’s personality to help her solve cases.

The other characters are great as always. Babineaux’s incredulous looks at what’s going on is always fun. Major still can’t catch any breaks, no breaks. Blaine had a somewhat interesting development that I hope he shifts out of soon. It does look like that’s happening, though. Ravi will always be there for you.

This season adds two possible antagonists, Mr. Boss for Blaine and Max Rager for Liv. Both of them being around does not make the season feel too busy at all, and both are really threatening in different ways. The balance leans more towards Max Rager, but I hope Mr. Boss gets more focus next season. That guy is creepy.

As the season goes on, the case of the week gets less and less important when compared to the main plot, and that’s great. Zombies are coming to the forefront!

Now, onto the two hour finale. This will contain spoilers, so stop here and go watch the season already! iZombie is fun, serious, sad, all that stuff at all the right times.

Finale thoughts.

Totally awesome. It was such a shake-up of the normal episode. They went full on zombie movie style with guns, rampaging zombies attacking cilivians and badassitude. Thank you trained soldier brain. And Clive is finally in on what’s happening! That will make for interesting future dynamics.

The action scenes were done really well, and it was such a fitting end to Max Rager. But from there, a new villain emerges! I still have hope for more Mr. Boss focus, though. He was still shown to be a threat for a reason!

And I actually liked Gilda/Rita. So sad she’s not around anymore.

Yep, want a season 3 so much.


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