Star Wars Rebels

Yay Star Wars. The second season of Rebels does some great stuff with many different locations and new alien creatures. I find that more interesting at times than all of the empire stuff going on. That episode with Zeb finding a new planet was fantastic and gorgeous. It had some of the best visuals around. I enjoyed the Purgills, too, just for being cool and magical.

Star Wars always has been a fantasy series more than a science fiction series. It’s nice to see strange creatures dueling with saber wielding wizards.

The episodes are mostly self-contained with some references to past events here and there. At times, I feel that isn’t enough. The problem would take like 20 minutes to set up, which meant the solution came about in the last 5. Toss in a few multi-episode arcs and mix that up with a few breather episodes and I think the series would be that much more compelling.

The finale, though, that was awesome. Great atmosphere, returning characters and a whole lot of lightsaber action! It had all the emotions going on. I won’t go into spoilers in this piece, but the episode was a very worthy finale to this season’s journey. And it was a double episode! That made it so much better that they don’t need to rush out a resolution. They can take the time to build up atmosphere and tension.

This is a finale that gets me really excited for the third season of Rebels. And the entire concept of Rebels is interesting since you don’t know where these characters will end up, only that they no longer factor into the equation by the time the movies come around. What’s going to happen to them?

So, second season I enjoyed more than the first season just because of the more varies locations and fantastical elements of the universe. And more hidden temples are always a fun experience.

Helicopter lightsabers are still ridiculous, though.


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