Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

This movie, this movie. It had all the hype leading up to the release. So, how is it? It’s alright. I mean, it averages out to being alright, but the fun parts are wonderful. It’s just that the rest is not quite so successful.

If I could make a comparison, parts of the movie feel like a TV special of web shorts. Imagine those short web episodes, 2-3 minute stuff. Then, once they have enough of it, they put it on TV in a 30 minute episode. But each 2-3 scene does not flow well at all from one to another because they weren’t made that way. This film is a lot like that. Things just happen and then they don’t matter anymore.

Taken individually, these scenes work well. Put together, they start to slog, drag and pull in all directions. This movie really feels like it is two different movies put into one. And because of that, it takes twice the amount of time to set up leaving lots of slow pacing all around.

The titular Batman V Superman fight is fantastic, however. The visuals of this movie are fantastic. And it really shows how powerful Superman and what he is fighting really is. Things have punch, impact. It’s great. The fights really show just what happens when super-powered beings duke it out. Hint, they tear through buildings like paper.

Tonally, the movie is a lot like Man of Steel. Very gritty and brooding. The tone does feel off. These new takes on characters just aren’t as much fun to watch interacting with people. That problem goes away when they’re fighting, though.

Batman, though, he works as the brooding guy because that’s how he always is. And Batman is great in this film. He has some great moments showing off ninja skills, he’s smooth when he needs to be and threatening at other times. And you see a lot of caring that brings him to fight with Superman.

Superman is alright. I mean, I think he hits exactly what the writers wanted, though it’s not what the well-known previous versions of him were like. Lex, too, I enjoyed, but not as Lex Luthor. He does not feel like Lex one bit.

Overall, if you enjoyed the tone of Man of Steel, this one will be good. If you did not, this one does not change from that at all. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I could have given the amount of hype surrounding this movie. I mean, if it was possible, turning this into 2 movies would have worked great. Have a Batman V Superman Movie and then a Dawn of Justice Movie.


Time for some more spoilery thoughts! Spoilers ahoy. Though there’s not much you haven’t seen from that one trailer already. Zing.

Cameos! Not important to the plot but I certainly enjoyed them. I would enjoy them more if they didn’t seem so shoehorned in, though. And time-traveling Flash, stop being so vague in your warning! Wonder Woman is great and I’m looking forward to her solo movie. I am glad how much ass she kicks in this movie.

The final fight was great, even if they were fighting a CGI monster. The whole throwing the spear into the water thing was pointless if they were going to get it back 3 minutes later! And I wanted Superman to be out of the fight for longer after getting hit by that one thing.

Huh… nothing else spoilery worth mentioning, I guess. I’m still excited for future DCU movies, but I hope they shift the tone of things. Don’t be so dark and gritty. Not all characters are like that or need that!


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