Teachers, Season Finale

I’m not even sure how I stumbled onto this show. I think it was on the suggested list based on what I watched. I started with the third episode, which I enjoyed, and then went back to catch the first two.

Teachers is, unsurprisingly, about a group of elementary school teachers and how they should not be doing that job. I mean, they must do great off-screen since their students seem to really like them, but on-screen, wackiness ensues.

There are six main teachers, all weird and probably shouldn’t be teaching. One is super self-absorbed. Another is an activist in all sorts of things. One is even a wiccan. There is also an uptight and unlucky with love teacher, a religious fundamentalist that is really repressed, and a teacher that may or may not be stoned all the time. The characters won’t win any inventive character awards, but they are fun to follow. They are really different, yet they mesh and interact together well.

What I really liked about the third episode, and I tend to like these plots, is three separate plots all colliding together in a crazy fashion. They are always fun to me, and I think it also shows off the friendship the teachers have really well. All six of the main teachers banded together perfectly at the end to get each other out of trouble, all without any talking to each other. They just knew.

The finale I also really enjoyed. While I don’t find all episodes laugh-out-loud funny, they were all enjoyable to me seeing just how much the teacher’s personality will mess with their students. It’s interesting how the real threat of being fired is a plot point. Usually, shows will just accept the characters being weird, but on this show, the teachers have to try and hide it.

Oh, I also had to do a double-take on the names of the actresses in the credits. They are all based on the name Katherine. Huh. Hi, random and unimportant paragraph.

Anyway, Teachers is about dysfunctional people trying to teach kids to be better. They may or may not succeed, but all of them do care a great amount. And I think that really helps mitigate all of the disasters, tiny and large, that they get into. That and their friendship with each other.


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