The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles is a fantasy film. An ancient tree is dying, it’s keeping the monsters sealed away so they’re coming back, and our heroes are the only ones that can save the tree and stop the evil army! Does that sound exciting? It sure does. But I feel this show also suffers from underutilizing its more interesting characters and not having enough budget.

I have not read the book, so I am only going off the TV show. There will be some spoilers. Hopefully nothing major.

The first few episodes were good. They set up the world. They had neat effects. And they showed off some great locations. The last few were good, too. There was action, magic and all the fantasy stuff you want.

The stuff in between, though, is not that great. Those episodes feel really samey. This is an epic fantasy of traveling through strange lands, but each episode just really grates. A character, probably one of the main characters, are kidnapped every episode. The others then need to mount a rescue mission.

If the show wanted to do something every week, they should have a new monster attacking them each time, instead. As it is, the main characters are just dealing with random assholes who are stopping them for petty reasons. I mean, like, dudes, you have heard of the monster attacks, right? Stop getting in the way of the people saying they’re trying to stop it!

That especially goes for you, Cephalo. You fought with one face to face and you still somehow are trying to screw the main characters over.

I have a feeling budget is a lot of the reason why the main characters did not face more monsters. I mean, the reaper got two short scenes and that’s it. The dragon thing that can be ridden appears in one episode. The rider gives the main character something to call them with, and then poof. You would think having a flying taxi would be really useful, but nope.

On to the characters themselves. Allanon is great. He feels like he knows how to get things done. Actually, I liked most of the scenes at the Elves’ palace, and their subplot. They just feel like they’re dealing with the enemy so much more directly.

The actual heroes, Wil, Amberle and Eretreia deal with random assholes most of the time. And out of the three of them, two of them feel mostly useless. Wil is only good when fighting monsters. Amberle is required to complete the quest, and that’s about it. Only Eretreia feels like a hardened adventurer. Which, given each character’s backstory makes sense, but they still feel like they need to take the quest more seriously.

Though I did really like the post apocalyptic world thing. Most people don’t like it because it doesn’t make sense for all those structure to still be up after so long, but it helps differentiate the world. So even if it doesn’t make sense, I still like it.

If they get a second season, I want the characters to be more competent. They’re facing danger. Get trained. Get hard.


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