Agent Carter

Second season of Agent Carter. I wanted to add something like marvelous or amazing onto the front, but other superheroes have already used it. Anyway, season 2 is the continuing adventure of what happened before SHIELD. This time, in Hollywood!

I enjoyed this season much more than the first one, and the first season was pretty good. I felt the first season started a bit confusingly. In the first season I’ll admit to not knowing exactly who the first few antagonists were. It wasn’t until Leviathan popped up that things became clear.

For the second season, Isodyne and the main antagonist were front and center from the start, and it really helped. I feel this season is both funnier and more dramatic at the same time. There is still a lot of sneaking, spying stuff. Also a scary and powerful villain.

Peggy is great as always, and Jarvis is getting more awesome by the episode. The new characters are all pretty interesting. And I am liking Jack Thompson’s role in being obstructionist while still (really deep down) believing in Peggy. I mean, I would hope you all have more faith in Jack Thompson after that first season.

The final episode, I felt they dealt with the main villain a bit too easily, but its nice they made a plan and executed it. The episode is still great and helps tie up all of the emotional highs brought about by the series.

The second season moves at a great pace with a fun event each episode. All the characters get some great scenes and developments. We actually learn about Peggy’s past! The Hollywood setting isn’t used as much as it could be, but it’s still a fun place to have the season.



Time for some more spoiler thoughts on the season.

Ana Jarvis is finally on screen! And she is delightful. They made her character perfect. The right amount of worry and assurance. She pushes both Peggy and Jarvis to do more and greater, all while being worried sicka bout both of them. And she is involved more than that. A great addition to the show.

Doctor Wilkes. Hmm. I understand his motivations but have no real thoughts on him. I guess he’s just too normal, even if he is the one with powers. Out of everyone, he just feels the most plain.

The council and Whitney Frost. The council itself was kinda disappointing, but I also never expected them to be big players. You just know Whitney Frost is going to take over once she gets her super powers. And she is great. The facial makeup works really well on her.

The gangster, too, was a pleasant surprise.

And lastly, more Dottie! She is still awesome in this season even if she doesn’t appear as much. She does make the most of her time on screen, though.

So, thus ends season 2 of Agent Carter. A great new season to follow up season one, though the finale of season one was better.


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