Fuller House

I have been unreasonably excited for this show, which is strange since I wasn’t even a full time watcher of the original Full House. I caught a lot of episodes to be sure, but all reruns. Back when that show was going, I wasn’t a watch things immediately as they come out kind of guy.

I just love real time stories, that is when 20 years passing in real life means the story also picks up 20 years later. And I also really like seeing all of the original cast from back then. It’s all about catching up with old friends that you haven’t seen in a long time, and that’s a great feeling.

But onto the show itself. Fuller House is a lot like Full House, just with more modern situations thrown in and hidden parental jokes. I was just recently rewatching the original Full House, so unless the TV showed an editted version, the original had less of those hidden jokes.

This show is still just as ham and cheesy and feel-good with those little sad moments thrown in to pull the family together. There are no jerks or anything, just like in the original. This is family viewing. And it’s what I want from Fuller House, it’s why I enjoyed the original so much. The original cast still has it! Stephanie was always my favorite character in Full House, so I’m really glad to see her here and having fun.

The first episode hits a lot on the nostalgia points. The show does break the fourth wall a bit more than the original. Possibly a bit too much. I think they they went too big with some of the episodes. Almost every other episode had some big number or event. There were clubs, parties, a luchador wrestling match! I will say that Jeff Davis was an apt guest for that episode. From Mike Rowe’s Somebody’s Got to Do It, I know that Jeff Davis is or was a Luchador announcer.

Having more episodes focused closer to home family stuff would be great. And while guest appearances from old cast members are great, I feel that the new cast needs more time with each other first. Guest appearances can come later. Prop the current cast up first.

The original show really hit payday with the child actors. It might have been the style of the 90’s, but they were all adorable. Fuller House has a more modern take on kids with them being savvier thanks to the internet. They really grew on me as the season went on. And I really enjoyed the Stephanie and Tommy interaction in episode 4. That one really felt spot on.

Of the new additions to the cast, I like Fernando and Ramona the best. Kimmy’s family, awesome. Fernando is the most lovable cheat ever. He’s just always so bright, happy and dramatic. Ramona just has charm, and I think is more into the groove of Full House than the rest of the kids.

Fuller House is a family friendly comedy with 1990’s sensibilities for a 2010’s world. It’s fun, hammy and cheesy and what I want out of Fuller House. I really want a second season of this. And more. I just get really excited for seeing what’s become of the Tanner family since I have watched those characters grow up on TV.




Pin a rose on my nose. Harry Takayama!?! Aww, different actor.


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